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  1. Hi all I have decided to keep her and get her back in shape. she runs and looks better inside than most that have been sitting around as much as she has, not sure how to start but it will be fun....I hope
  2. the video is of the radio still playing and sounding really good and of the rear seat speaker working. Plus the back seat in good shape. ]front seat with the original seat cover, (plastic) the seat in front is torn on the driver side at the seam, and the carpet on the driver side is in rough shape but the rest of the carpet is good front and back, the headliner is in good shape. there is a little discoloration on the right front fender, not sure what from. One thing about this car is its instrument panel. The speedometer and gauges are embedded upside down and backwards and are reflected in
  3. I dont have a lot of time so I'm probably just going to part it out, if anybody needs any parts let me know
  4. thanks for the input I was thinking $2000 at the tops
  5. we live in Churubusco Indiana, and I am embarrassed to say I dont know what it is worth. trying to get some input
  6. thanks Greg. as I said before you really know your Buicks. I really dont know what to ask for it. If someone has any input anything would be appreciated. Ray
  7. 1960 buick invicta one of 1104 surviving buicks. runs good, drove it around last summer. will need a new muffler model 4639 4 door hardtop was the single most popular Invicta model with 15,300 built in US and additional 600 was built in Canada. this car's number is 3959th built the trim tag shows it was built the second week of May 1960 automatic, power steering,power seat,power brakes, air conditioning, dual rear mirrors on fenders, rear seat speaker, radio, clock
  8. 1960 Buick Invicta Model 4639 the single most popular Invicta with 15,300 built in the US and 600 built in Canada it was built the second week of May 1960 and it was 3959th built in the Flint Michigan plant. It is #1104 of the surviving 1960's Buick hope the picture comes through, very slow connection
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