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  1. We should all just pitch in a few bucks. Open up a Paypal account, I am happy to send in $10. This is just great being able to watch such an artist. Dave
  2. BYE BYE !! I sprayed some yellow for safety. I purposely put expert in heading to push and hopefully improve me. I guess I needed to add a little more stress to the equation. I have started a new Amphi project. All I could was smile seeing so much metal to start with. LOL Thank You for all of the moral support. It really does help in the difficult times. I think I better send a check to AACA. Later Gator Wave aka Dave the Wave.
  3. I estimated at 200 hours to get here. OOps.........My job was to strip and do metal work. Every bolt was a fight. Every odd area had a hole. I stopped keeping track after 300 hours. Still plenty to do and I can only hope the owner can appreciate the effort. It is really difficult working for someone long distance, not to mention the language barrier. No matter what the trucker called to pick up today. Hope to meet some of you at my new shop near Mt. Dora Florida. Later Gator Wave-chomp chomp!!!
  4. Another fun toy ready to cruise the boulevard. Even little gems like this always take more time than expected. Now back to the boat!:cool:
  5. 100 MPG FREEWAY HMV Like PULSE LITESTAR in Other | eBay Motors Due to moving I am selling My Freeway HMV. Rare and fun. Needs a little finishing. Runs and drives. Clear title. Located in Northern Illinois. $3800 or best offer.
  6. I so under estimated the time to get to here. The Bible tells us if you make a promise, to keep it even if it breaks you. Well I am not broken!! I look back and it amazes me that this is now going to be a very nice car. There really is a joy about being able to build/restore/repair something that will bring a lot of smiles to others.
  7. Drivers door daze. I did not like first skin. So made up another. Much done but still have inner corners to make. My shop has been sold and its time to get this done. Due to time some areas that are not seen and pose no problems will stay as is. I hope for some warm weather to finish cleaning and getting a coat of epoxy on. Putting this project out in the open helps me do a better job. I appreciate the nice responses.
  8. Today was tunnel day. The tunnel is where the rubber boot attaches. The boot then attaches to the trans. If in poor condition car can sink. These get hurt when drive shafts explode because previous owner did not grease. Then some small patches on convertible top area. Hopefully tomorrow will be build the other door day.
  9. Daze of welding. Ugh... I like my edges nice and smooth. Less likely to have leaks. I am happy with the results. Funny almost no one will ever notice. But when inspecting a car for someone its the first thing I inspect. Could it be...one or two days left on main shell!!?? Dare I say ...down to the last 40 or so hours??!!
  10. Door day. Still need to make interior corners. But majority is tacked in. Door fits properly.
  11. Today was finish fitting and weld quarters on. Soooooo many steps to get to this point.
  12. Look up Henrob 2000. If you plan on gas welding. My favorite slapper is made out of an old rear leaf spring. Also look up metalmeet.com. A great group. May even be a nearby to you metal meet. Great challenge!
  13. Thank You. Today was take door apart and adjust. Then decided to start fitment of other door, then worked on rocker. Screwed the panels on just to see. I totally under estimated this and really looking forward to moving onto next project. Still the smile that crosses my face as I look at this. Knowing that some fillers, some sanding and some paint and its salty rusty history will be erased.
  14. This is one reason these cars need to be restored properly. Its called a water wheelie. Perfected by Billy Syxx of East Coast Amphicar. This is a pic of Amphipoda hitting water . We will be doing things like this March 23rd 2013 in Mt. Dora Florida. Noon at Gilbert Park. Stop and say hello. Find me in my metallic blue Amphi and I will try to get you a ride. Later Gator Wave.:cool:
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