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  1. I just read this post for the first time, too. Need r side portion of grill where bumper bracket passes thru and can use a trunk lid. Any chance you still have?
  2. Have found that any 6 cyl timing cover from a 1919-1926 T6 motor will work. Can anyone help me?
  3. Can anyone help? I desperately need front timing gear cover for my 1924 Reo touring car, T6. Will pay your price. gdenn@cox.net
  4. Make sure the wire running thru the distributor body in not shorting out. Check the condition of the insulation and the insulating washers. Once had this problem and that was the culprit.
  5. Anyone out there had experience installing a rear windshield in a 1950 Dodge sedan? I am finding it to be a real bear, especially the business with the lock strip.
  6. I have tried two distributors, several sets of points, several caps and am now using a modern electronic distributor which was professionally adapted to my right angle drive. Results still the same! Car overheated a number of times in the past. COuld this be a factor? (Head was milled, head gasket replaced). Again, thank you all!
  7. Thank you all kindly for your input. Is there any possibility that weak valve springs could cause this condition? As I recall, they were FAR from the best.
  8. Anyone out there know if it's possible to replace a 1920 Maxwell motor with a later (1925-6), 4 cyl motor? I've just about given up on my motor. It did run OK. Now, It never fires all cylinders at once alternating between them. If I disconnect #3, #4 will fire. Have replaced timing gears, valves, adjusted valves to spec, distributors (now trying electronic),dist caps, plugs, plug wires,carburetor. Gets 50 lbs compression in all cylinders. Out of desperation, Have tried every firing combination but still does best with 1-3-4-2 (which is not good)
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