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  1. Yes we did. That's when I bought the Lincoln. 

    As we have 2 x 1929 Chrysler 65's, a 1954 Fargo 6 ton truck and a 1976 Valiant Charger (Australian car), I would be very interested in an early Maxwell.


  2. I thought it was interesting that he purported to be an "Ebay Power Seller" with "100% positive feedback" and "Top Rated Plus" which requires an extensive reliable trading history, yet he has not sold a single item! Sounds like a crook to me. I don't buy from anyone on Ebay without a "track record".....just my opinion.

  3. The Lincoln is in Australia. We bought it out of Iowa about four years ago from an ad on this site. Unfortunately it has only had a cosmetic restoration, I am working through the mechanical and electrical side slowly.

    We live 15 minutes drive from Peregian Springs!!!!! We would be pleased to show you our car if you are ever over here. I'll send you my cell phone number by PM.

    John, she isn't that gullible. After 40 years of marriage she has heard it all before.