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  1. I agree with JamesR. Probably the only American muscle car I would like to own. Unfortunately,very few in Australia and none for sale.
  2. Factory supercharger? Are they confused by the aircleaner?
  3. I think I may build one for my front yard. My neighbours already think that I am crazy...may as well prove it.
  4. I'm home again. The guy I was talking about sold the car some time ago. I do have another lead to chase up that my know where it went but he is away at the moment also. My Chrysler has not progressed but I hope to start on it in a couple of months, Is your club having their 60th anniversary rally this year? Cheers Bill
  5. Hi Ben, good to see you are getting on with your 75. There is an old guy in the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association that has restored a 75 roadster. I am away at the moment but I will find his details for you when I get back home. Cheers Bill (Chrysler 66 chassis)
  6. Engine number prefixed with the letter P for Chrysler 65. Australian built cars (made by Holden) have a one piece windscreen like the red car above.
  7. I know I am being petty but I don't like the two piece windscreens on this model.
  8. It would be a wild ride home from hospital if they forgot to strap the gurney down.
  9. Five years ago when we bought ours, I could only find four of this body style (179) worldwide. In the last eiighteen months another five unrestored examples have come onto the market. I wonder how many more are out there?
  10. I'll risk getting angry resplies but surely this vehicle should not be advertised on this forum. If it is I think we have dropped to a new low.
  11. You are probably correct about the price but if you want to send me details privately, my email is billety54@gmail.com.
  12. Yes we did. That's when I bought the Lincoln. As we have 2 x 1929 Chrysler 65's, a 1954 Fargo 6 ton truck and a 1976 Valiant Charger (Australian car), I would be very interested in an early Maxwell.
  13. I am looking for a one or two cylinder car. I would prefer an older restoration. As I am in Australia, the exchange rate hurts me a lot so be gentle! thanks, Bill
  14. Wouldn't the rubber be a bit hard by now? Seven years since original post.
  15. Have you tried Gary at Vintage Auto Parts? He is local to you in NZ. His number is 33598592.
  16. Sorry not an interested buyer in that price range. One can only speculate why the photo was removed. However I do like yellow on cars having owned the attached car since new. MY opinion is that yellow probably is not appropriate on a highly priced mid 20's "full classic". A quick squirt of paint would fix it though.
  17. The carb on mine is an O-3 as in "OH-3" not "zero-three". Rand should be able to assist you.
  18. Billety


    I am looking for a radiator shell for a 1932 Studebaker Rockne.
  19. I thought it was interesting that he purported to be an "Ebay Power Seller" with "100% positive feedback" and "Top Rated Plus" which requires an extensive reliable trading history, yet he has not sold a single item! Sounds like a crook to me. I don't buy from anyone on Ebay without a "track record".....just my opinion.
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