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  1. So, the starter relay on my 55' DeSoto Firedome 291cid, has finally gone bad. It is a 4 post relay that mounts on the fender wall. This relay is very hard to find, and costs over $250.00. Does anyone know of another relay that could be used? I have heard rumor that a Ford 8N tractor relay could work....any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! It is a 6v positive ground system.
  2. For all of you DeSoto fans, here is a GREAT deal! A 1955 DeSoto Firedome Coronado survivor! I talked to the guy and he said he also has a garage full of spare parts that are NOS!! He is asking $4500.00!! Find a home for this baby... 1955 DeSoto Fireflite Coronado
  3. Yes it does. You may see the other cars in the photos, however know that this guy does not part out any vehicle. Each vehicle is sold as a complete car. Pretty neat for a Mopar graveyard! The guy has approximately 200 Mopars of which 90% is muscle cars.
  4. This is a 59' Imperial with the Stainless steel roof known as the Silvercest option. The engine is not locked up and I have yet to hear it. The body is solid with minor cancer spots in the lower rear quarters, but no dents. The trim and chrome are all in good shape and presentable. New interior will be needed....My question, is the car worth restoring? I imagine I can get the car for $2500.00 as it sits. It is all original. Any suggestions?
  5. I am looking to rid the following items from my closet! 1949-52 Hood Emblem (DeSoto head) the head is chrome not plastic, light pitting $50.00 1955 Firedome nose chrome (2 pieces) little pitting, GREAT shape! $45.00 1955 Firedome rear body trim pieces (both sides, large pieces) $25.00ea 1955 DeSoto dual horn (working order unknown) $25.00 1955 Desoto hood ornament (light pitting) $25.00 I do have pictures of all items if anyone is interested. Thank you! You may contact me at officer318lpd@gmail.com