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  1. if your rubber portion of your hose is the only thing bad u can reuse the fittings. find someone who has an a/c hose crimper and buy some hose and crimp shells and it will look factory. if metal part is bad an a/c speciality shop can repair it. florida and Arizona have these.
  2. looking to buy wave wave washers that go behind vent handle front and rear. 2 fronts and two rears. some may have two on each pivot.the back quarter vents are larger. call tommy 701-982-3221
  3. I put the car on a lift and take out two body to frame nuts and jack the left side of body up about a inch and they come out easy. I used a under lift jack stand and let the car down just a little on the last one and that was real easy
  4. jon out in ca. has those s/s mirror brackets that go in place of the short belt molding I'm looking for but I have two holes right above this part in the w/s pillar post and that is where I'm going to put my mirrors. if I would have known about the molding replacement thing with the mirror bracket that would have worked and I could have filled in the two holes on each side of the windshield pillar. I may go ahead and get the brackets and get holes filled in if I can't find the molding I need. thanks for your help
  5. I wish I would have known the early models would have worked. I had a shop build one even with the x reinforcement and looks nice. thanks for your help. I still need the left side belt molding that goes in front of the left front door on the cowl.
  6. I have a 1941 Packard 110 4 dr. sedan. I need info on how to attach front gravel shield panel that goes above the front bumper. I have the center brace attached to center section of the grille support. the gravel shield panel has two big holes I think for fog lights and under the gravel shield is two brackets on the each side. just wonder how to attach the sides of the panel to the bumper or if I'm missing something.
  7. those on ebay are for 38-40 my car is a 41-42 the early ones want work.. thanks
  8. john has the right side mud guard but no left. I found a sheet metal shop that says they can make one close to original. thanks
  9. does anyone know if there was a gas/fuel door guard for a 1941 Packard 110 4 door sedan made? if so I'm looking for one to buy. call text tommy at 970-403-4935
  10. if u come across the place in Washington let me know. thanks for your replay
  11. the splash/mud guard is metal not rubber. it is behind the rear wheel and it bolts to the frame and to fender. flat metal with a x stamped in it for reinforcement. 1941 110 4 dr sedan
  12. I need the drivers side rear mud/ splash guard, and also the short body welt moulding that goes on the drivers side cowling in front of the door and one tail light bezel that be used as a driver stuff doesn't have to be in new condition. something steel wool can clean up and as long as the bezel has the top tab. call tommy at 970-403-4935
  13. looking for a rear view mirror for the inside. it has a stud on the back of the mirror that screws to the center windshield separator. if u have one let me know how much for mirror, condition and shipping to Colorado and zip is 81328
  14. 1941 Packard 110 . anyone have any ideas on how to make the park light lens retainer fit. I have after market plastic lens and when the retainer is screwed down the front of the retainer want stay in the hole in the front of the park light assembly so it swings out side to side, there is a pin sticking out of the retainer and want stay in the parking lamp hole when lens retainer is tighten .. is there anyway to adjust the retainer bar and bend it without breaking it. 970-403-4935 call or text. thanks tommy
  15. looking to buy a park light lens retainer molding for a 1941 Packard 110. it's the narrow molding that goes on top of the lens and has a screw hole in the rear that screw to the park light assembly. could use gaskets to. call tommy or text at 970-403-4935.
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