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  1. Hello, I'm with Central Mountains Region, AACA (Clearfield, PA) and our 36th Annual Antique and Custom Auto Show, is a Owner Judged show. We want to get away from that and go to a judged show. Does anyone know of a group that, goes out and does this? We want our next years show (Sunday, August 18th, 2013) done this way. Due to having everything already done for this years show. Our plans are in motion for next years. Please let me know. Thank you. Penny White Central Mountians Region, AACA
  2. Ted, I just love the articles and cant wait to use, one of them in our March 2012 newsletter. Please look forward in recieving our monthly newsletter. Also cant wait to read more of them. Thanks. Penny White 'gottaracdirt' Central Mountains Region, AACA, Clearfield, PA Secretary/Publicity/Editor "The Mountain Road Newsletter"