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  1. LeBaron for 1929 is starting to look like a good guess. Notice the round step plate on the passenger side rear fender and the over-sized golf bag door on that side. Also, the molding along the hood through the door then drops lower on the rear of the car. The windshield has an unusual rounded corner at the bottom. All of these things seem to depart from Raymond Dietrich's influence. Anxiously await additional input from folks familiar with 1929 Packards! Tom Hartz Nashville, Indiana
  2. Roads2run

    Formal sedan ?

    Here are a few points to add: In 1937 Packard made a model 1507 which had a 139" wheelbase for both Club and Formal Sedans. The model number, 1507, indicates the car has a Twelve cylinder engine, a 139" wheelbase and could be purchased with many different body styles, including a Formal Body or a Club Sedan body. Limiting this discussion to the two body styles in question, the Formal Sedan was designated as body style no. 1032, and the Club Sedan was no. 1036. Both of these model sedans have the same engine and wheelbase. However, be aware both of these sedans were available as either a Twelve or a Super Eight. The pictures shown in this thread appear to be Super Eights which had a 134" wheelbase. Enough of the specs and to make it simple, in 1937 the interior of a Formal has a single jump seat and divider window as Wes points out, and the Club Sedan has neither. The rear seat in a Club Sedan is close coupled, or just forward of the rear axle with the thought that it was therefore "sportier." The Formal Sedan's rear seat is farther to the rear, making the interior passenger compartment "roomier." The exterior of a Club Sedan had a larger built-in trunk, whereas the Formal had a shallower trunk, and a leather top. The rear section of the body is longer in the case of the Formal Sedan as it is not close coupled. There are a few other differances, but these are the main ones. Hope this helps.
  3. I just spoke with Bob McGowan and it definitely was not his spot. The search continues. Thanks to all who are helping. Hershey lives on!!!