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  1. i have one from a '30 CJ if you haven't found one yet
  2. In my effort to avoid using Ford parts on my '30 Chrysler hot rod I am searching for a production disk brake that will work on the original spindles. If i can find what I'm looking for I plan to run the original I beam and steering using the original spindles. What would the down fall be to going this route? The factory set up seem to be in good shape, but as steering and suspension are very important safety factors i wanted get some input from the community. Please let me know what you think.
  3. Already sold the wiper motor. Sorry. i have an arm of some kind. Not sure what it is. maybe you can tell me. If it is what you need, it's yours. I'll add the pic to the link above
  4. Give me a call to discuss the banjo bolts 417-594-03six six Phil
  5. misc 1930 coupe parts | Facebook better pics and more parts right here.
  6. misc 1930 coupe parts | Facebook Chrysler Coupe parts | Facebook Sorry i don't thik i have that peice. If you see in these pics point it out and I would be happy to get rid of it, but I don't think it's there. Also, all the parts in these pics are for sale. Feel free to call if you would like to discuss more. Phillip
  7. Chrysler Coupe parts | Facebook Here is a link to pictures of alot of the stuff I have for sale. If interested you can reply here or call 417 594-0366
  8. I have a plymouth grill shell with the square crank hole cover and the plymouth logo and a good radiator for sale. The radiator holds water and doesn't leak. i have the cap that goes with it. It is chrome and has some surface rust, but over all is in good shape.
  9. Thanks. You're a big help. Phillip
  10. No sorry. The door handles I have have no key hole. The spare tire mount is going to be used on the car i am building so I'm going to keep that. There maybe a spare tire lock. Do you have a pic or can you direct me to one? I'll let you know if I have it once i know what it looks like. Thanks for looking. Phillip
  11. I have a 1930 CJ coupe. I would like to get rid of the wooden wheels in favor of the wire wheel. What bolt pattern should I look for? Just any 8 lug? What size wheel came from the factory in '30? 17" or 19"? When changing from a wooden spoke wheel to a wire wheel what else do I need to change? This is my first go around with something this old so any help is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Curtains would be the metal that covers the frame...correct? If so I have two, one for each side. They are not original, but they seem to match what I've seen in pictures. They are in perfect shape. I can send pics if you're interested philiphaley@hotmail.com
  13. i have many parts for sale for a 1930 coupe. Here is a list of what I can remember. Hood- in great shape Frame- great shape 2 head light bars head light buckets straight six flathead 313041-1 and 310229-2 and 3 spped transmisson with pedals seat springs 2 frant fenders 4 rear fenders lots of small parts 4 wheels (wooden spokes) i know this stuff is good for restoration and I will not scrap it, but it is currently in my way and need to get rid of it. i would rather see someone who needs it for their project get it than it sit in the corner of the shop. I will make someone a great deal, Please feel free to contact me for pics of specific parts or inquire about something I forgot to mention here. 417 594-03 six six or philiphaley@hotmail.com
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