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  1. Thanks, I appreciate your comments.. I compared the mystery car with photos of a restored 1909 Stanley Steamer Model R at the Frick Car and Carriage Museum ( 1909 Stanley Steamer Model R Images. Photo: 09_Stanley_Steamer_Model_R_DV_05_Frick_06.jpg) and although similar, there are differences other than the wind cowl. On the mystery car, the headlamp wire conduit goes sideways instead of fore and aft, the driver's side running board gizmo is different and the headlamps are not the same. Interestingly, although the horn bulb is smaller, the sound end appears to be identical. Of course, I may
  2. This is a picture of my grandparents in 1911 driving a mysterious car. They owned a Stanley Steamer at one point but I couldn't find a match using Google Images. He was an insurance salesman in northern New England. Can you imagine heading out on rough dirt roads over the mountains in the winter? Any ideas?
  3. Thanks, I think we're getting closer. Both the Chatham and Cadillac G and H show similarities to the car in my picture however there are some differences. The Chatham levers and front fenders match but the rear seat box is longer in the Chatham. The tool box, rear seat box length and trim sweep near the rear door match the Cadillac. The pictures of both the Cadillac and Chatham I have been able to find on the internet are of poor quality so it's difficult to do good comparisons. Particularly, the hood and radiator top contour in my car doesn't seem to match either.
  4. Here is my great grandmother's sister and her husband. Interesting seating arrangement. I believe the picture was taken around 1915, give or take a few years but I don't know the make or model of the car. Anyone care to take a guess?
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