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  1. THanks very much for your response. I sent you an email from my personal email tedgold@gmail.com. Best, T
  2. Does your Buick Woody have a radio? Looking for knobs?
  3. Do you by chance have any radio knobs?
  4. Do you by chance still have parts from this vehicle? Radio knobs?
  5. I'm looking for two Buick Radio knobs. I believe the style I want comes from a 46-48 vehicle. They are the knobs that look like this --http://www.conceptcarz.com/view/photo/424802,11291,0,0/photo.aspx They are made of bakelite or some other plastic. I'm somewhat flexible on color, but prefer a creme, gold/tan... Thank you for looking!
  6. Do you have any radio knobs by chance?
  7. Do you by chance have any radio knobs?
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