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  1. What is the correct/authentic engine color for 1957 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton pickup 235 ci 6 cylinder engine?
  2. What is the possibility of holding a Chalmers Meeting this year at Hershey.Other clubs do so with great sussess-i.e. CDO,EMF,Cadillac,etc.It would not have to be big to be good! thanks ken
  3. interested in 1911 chalmers iterature,parts etc.especially model m roadster. need gray & davis model f? double tube horizontal brass carbide generator. need dash mount grademeter. need 35x5 tires-all white or all gray.
  4. At Hershey this past year there was a gentleman that was making spare tire trunk/box that fits in the opening of the tire on early brass cars.If anyone can supply his name i would appreciate it.thanks-ken
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