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  1. Hi Leif, Does he have a 28 Buick "standard" roadster windshield, golf door, or left rear fender? Thanks for your reply, Dale. You can answer here or my email address is dnsbutterfield@gmail.com. Cell phone number is 801-663-6080.
  2. Mr. Lincoln, So sorry but I do not have what you are looking for. Do you know anyone who has 28 Buick Standard roadster parts for sale? I can be reached on cell phone # 1-801-663-6080 or email dnsbutterfield@gmail.com. Thanks and happy Buicking to y'all! Dale.
  3. I may have your brake cable. I will check on it for you. What is your phone number and I'll give you a call.
  4. I may have the window cranks you need. What model car do you have? How many cranks do you need? Call Dale at 801-663-6080 or email dnsbutterfield@gmail.com. Do you have 28 Buick model 24 roadster door handles/latches left rear fender, or windshield parts or know of any? Maybe we could make a trade or whatever. Thanks, Dale.
  5. No. I'm sorry I do not have a 1029 spark plug cover but I do have a 1927 Master 6 and a 1030 Standard 6 cover if interested in them. Thanks, Dale 801-663-6080 or direct email address is dnsbutterfield @gmail. com Thanks again and good hunting.
  6. Hi Steve, The model 27 is a sedan is it not? If that is the case the door posts will be way different than that of a roadster and would not work. I'm thinking the curved piece under the dash should be the same as both cars are 115" wheel base. Thanks for checking this out for me. Your Buick Bud, Dale.
  7. Hi again Steve, Thanks for the information. It sounds like the pieces you have should be the same as my 1928 model 24 roadster. If so, let me know what you require to take care of the shipping costs. Cell phone #801-663-6080 or email dnsbutterfield@gmail.com or reply on this thread. Do you have any roadster parts I mentioned or know who might. Thanks in advance, Dale.
  8. Any chance you might still have the golf door after all these years or know of anyone who has one they'd part with? Please contact Dale at 801-663-6080 or email dnsbutterfield@gmail.com. Thanks for replying. I also need the upper windshield posts and frame for a 28 Buick model 24 roadster as well as seat springs for inside and rumble compartments. A standard clutch pack is also in need as well as roadster doors with latches, strikes, handles, hinges, and wood (for patterns). Thanks in advance, Dale.
  9. By any remote chance do you still have these items? I'm looking for a headlight bar for a 28 Buick model 24 roadster ("standard" wheel base model). Also need a complete windshield and w/s brackets, left rear fender, golf door, door latches and handles, seat springs for both insides and rumble seat compartments for this same car. Thanks for any help you can give me. Your new Buick Bud, Dale. 801-663-6080 or email dnsbutterfield@gmail.com.
  10. Hiya Michael, Hope your move went smoothly! Are you still settling in? I have acquired a 30 Buick bumper that goes all the way across (from side to side). Interested? Good shape with medallions, etc. Do you want me to continue holding the rear window roller for the Joe Lewis "special"? Hope all's well with you, Dale.
  11. Dear Steve, I did not get your answer. Are these pieces of wood for a 1928 Buick model 24 roadster? If so I'd like to get them. Let me know what the shipping cost will be and I'll get it sent to you. Thanks, Dale.
  12. Hi there Steve, What are these pieces of wood for. (Make and Model?) I have a 28 Buick Roadster "standard" 115" wheel base car that needs a windshield, left rear fender, and golf door. I could also use door hinges and latches as well as floor panels and seat springs for both the insides and rumble seat compartment. The fender, golf door, and floor panels could come off a coupe I believe. Thanks for your input. Your ol' Buick bud, Dale.
  13. Hi there Michael, Thanks for the information. You are mucho appreciado! Hope all's well with you too! Have you moved yet? I've made a vow I'm never going to move (too much stuff) ha. Yer ol' Buick bud, Dale.
  14. Hi again erndog, I think I have a 1927 mid block section for the master series engine (#2202803). There is a lower section, crankshaft, cam, and 3 pistons still installed in the block. Any interest in that? Everything is well coated with grease to prevent corrosion. Email me back at dnsbutterfield@gmail.com or call me on #801-663-6080. Thanks, Dale.
  15. I'll have to check on this. I noticed that there is one for sale on ebay. You might check there. Thanks and I'll do some looking around here on the home front. Dale
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