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  1. Hey all. Trying to get my '55 Century on the road. While looking things over I found that all of the heater lines had been cut and capped by some previous owner. Tracing those lines led me to learn about the "unusual" trans cooler on the '55, and came to realize that the cooler lines were also cut and capped. I can only guess that they would have done this if the cooler was leaking coolant into the transmission or trans fluid into the coolant. I've decided to run the transmission fluid up to a radiator-mounted cooler. I just need to know the fitting size of the oil ports on the side of t
  2. Hey there, I'm James, from Tucson, AZ. My girlfriend (Emily says hi too!) just bought me a '56 Roadmaster for my 30th birthday. Yeah, she's pretty awesome. It's going to be our project to work on together. It's a model 72 (4-door sedan), in need of a complete rebuild. We're really looking forward to this! I've always been a Buick fan. Any '53-'57 model and '63-'65 Rivies are particularly at the top of my all-time favorites! And my first car was a 2-door '71 Electra 225. Although I lost that car years ago (stolen, stripped and left in the desert), I salvaged the 455/TH400 and stuck them
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