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  1. Thanks Bill, These wonderful 'new' shell's made of "aircraft metal" didn't last, along with the other aluminium trim.
  2. Anybody have an idea where I may find a radiator and shell for a 26' chevrolet? norman
  3. I'm not much of a chevy guy but those headlight rim's seem large????
  4. Not a member, to really enjoy club's having a driver is nice. Still looking and asking around. Yeah, I'm kinda old school also, compounded with being a bit phone shy. I didn't want to bother anyone on a sunday so I'll try to muster some courage and make a call. Thanks much for the reply....norman
  5. Had a lead on another car, however, I got the impression it was to nice for a part's car. The realization that I might fall in love with it would be an issue; two cars needing part's!! I feel awkward with Club's, my project's seem to be neverending work's in progress, I've had the Caddy since the 1970's and it's been a trip ever since and yet to take one in it...hee hee.
  6. Well Folk, I had a fire in my little workshop and now I'm looking for some very scarce part's for a Fleetwood 7 pass 39 Caddy. The window molding's (wood) and the rear floor heater grill are the most pressing, to locate. At my age, I figured my day's of searching were near there end, these item's may take me to my grave. This was posted in the Caddy forum, however, since I look at almost everything, figured I'd drop a note here for guy's like me. Of course, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Never mind there are no Paddle's! Just recently had a fire in my little workshop and lost some very scarce item from a Fleetwood 7 pass. 39 Caddy. The window frame's/garnish molding's are lost...they were wood. And the floor grill for the rear heater...melted, I believe it was aluminium. There were other part's but these are the most obvious. Any help or leed's would be appreciated.
  8. Are the rubber bushing's down at the connector's there?, I'm not sure how to post any pix.
  9. They show up on ebay, once and again, price's vary. Seems, seller's on the bay don't look to see if an identical item is listed (kinda funny), the same item can sell for 1$ or 100$!
  10. Just checked outside......Good call Michael!
  11. IF you position the drum pin/dowel at the bottom, the wheel will rest on it and the top can be shifted slightly at the top for aligning. Put a couple of bolt's in the top then spin the wheel and continue with the bolt's.
  12. Dave............................hee hee!
  13. I will continue to watch the show, it's fun to watch grown men get stupid. At my age, it remind's me of what we kid's used to do at the corner gas station. Sure, it bother's me when they torch something that's not replaceable, but I also ask myself...where would that car be in a few year's? So far, they haven't hidden the downside of what old car's have instore for a restorer. Watching the car's get cleaned up is nerve wracking, one reason we all hate mice, since everything in texas is big...they have rat's. I do wonder what they do with the old engine's they don't use, usually "stuck". Not a fan of hot rod's, per se, but the 59 Ford turned out pretty nice. IMO the 59 ford was customized, not hot rodded. I also keep in mind, what change's are the new owner's going to do with these car's; since their not in a field somewhere decaying.
  14. ......................and, the cream colored one; should go the direction you turn it.
  15. The wife make's him park it on th lawn...............so no one will notice it. I think that's the color of grass in california!?
  16. As usual, "the Keiser" can ID the auto's. I don't believe the second pic is potato. Appear's the guy's are baging crop right out of the belt driven wagon, possibly corn wheat. One guy filling and the other sewing the bag. IS the rim on the wheel on the third pic curved? if so, it probably had a hard rubber tire on it. If it were flat (can;t tell how wide it is) could be a manure spreader wheel, which would acount for the geared axle, rear wheels on spreader's were geared. Wonder if the fenders belonged to a pickup, has the tire mount on the passenger side. Perhaps John can enlighten.
  17. The vintage of these suggest late 30's into 40's. GM used a "star" shaft during that period. Chrysler product's seemed to lead in the stylized, futuristic look....humm.
  18. When I bought my rubber fromSteele, it had the item's (glaze, sealant) mentioned in the same listing (on line, steele rubber.com). Any glass shop is capable of doing this installation, if you don't want to.
  19. Don't give up on the engine. It sound's like your over the hill and doing everything right with it....it RUNS! Shouldn't worry to much about the "crystals", that's the begining of surface rust in an enclosed enviroment. That stuff gets shinny and bubbly like crystals, exposed it would be dull. I've opened an 80year old part that had fluid in it at one time, shinny rust. With new water (mixed antifreeze) it dissolves and flushes away. I wouldn't put antifreeze in it till your done working on it, it'll just get dirty.
  20. Freguson helped Ford design the iconic tractor's, 9n 2n 8n, before starting his own tractor business. His accessories had his name plate's. I too, am amazed at the condition of the metal being buried! It does appear to be a collection of different vehicle's. You say your family's been on the property for quite a while, I would guess it's time for you to dig out the old picture album (it seems no one is ever interested in), a look in the background for family car's may provide something interesting, including farm equipment.
  21. Don't know what the yellow cab is, where are the headlight's! The other car appears to be a 20's ford model T.
  22. 58 mustang, understandably, doesn't appreciate the "droopy eye'd" look of the headlight cover. I'm not a fan of the regular headlight cover, this style isn't far behind.
  23. Yeah Rusty, it must be birch. I thought it may be maple, since that was the blond wood color of choice in that era and it went sooo well with turquoise...ha.
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