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  1. I have a '64 w/ a fair amount of rot around the rear window. (Hey, I bet that never happened before.) Anyway, the clips that hold the outside trim surrounding the window are badly decomposed or missing. Haven't had much luck finding them via OPG, Cars Inc. or Hemmings. Mr G can't tell which one would be correct and the local body shop doesn't have any. Anyone out there have a resource, an I.D., or know if other clips fit this application? Thanks, Winfield :confused:
  2. The short version of the question - My 64 windshield is marked SHADED E -Z- EYE SAFETY LOF FLOAT I know LOF is out of business. But is this the correct manufacturer and correct designation for my tinted windshield? Thanks Guys Note: The LOF logo is on the diagonal and all this is at the lower passenger side of the class.
  3. I think I may have found an answer as to why I can't wind the clock. For anyone interested, please check out this article. I'm going to disassemble my clock again and try this before I send it out for repair. Hope this is useful to someone. The Motion Works - TimeZone
  4. Clock didn't work when I bought the car earlier this year. Found a good article here Putting the Ticktock Back in Your Old Car Clock | Old Cars Weekly That described how the clock worked and some repair tips. I was able to get mine running by cleaning the contacts but I can't get the stem to turn, so I can't set the time. Anyone have suggestions, either on a fix or a reputable company that I can use for repair. I'm thinking of using a little WD40 on this before I send it out. BTW the idler gear is working, but the stem still won't turn. Thanks Guys
  5. First of all, thanks for all the info. guys. As to my 914 - It's a 2.0L 4 w/ 44mm Webers, a lightened flywheel, stiffer valve springs, headers and the trans has been modified so 5th gear is closer to 4th. Gives up a little in the top end, but I get there quicker. It has 911 Carrera brakes, stiffer springs and torsion bars, a full roll cage, 5pt harnesses, reverse lockout, an accusump , an oil cooler, Weltmeister, F & R adj. sway bars and it usually runs on 205 50ZR 15 Toyos on 7" rims at the track. The rear fenders were rolled to accomodate the extra 1 1/2" wider tires. I know this is a Buick forum, but since you asked.... I promise I won't contaminate this thread any further.
  6. Thanks Tom, I'll check that. I'm not too concerned that it's a 425. As far as I know they all were in '64 and the VIN on the engine matches the data plate on the firewall. Question however. I can't find info. in any reference that shows any engine changes i.e. cam, exhaust, etc. that would justify throwing on an extra carburetor. Did the engineers add the dual quad w/o any other mods. Not an engineer or licensed mechanic myself, it seems odd to do this except from a marketing standpoint. "Hey guys, lets throw some bling into this thing so the salesmen have something to hype." Couldn't we just put a single 4 bbl on this w/ larger secondaries or do we get a better air flow thru the manifold with 2 quads?
  7. I actually spoke w/ the gentleman who owns the car that was at the meet in 2011. I wish this was as nice. Perhaps someday. As to the options - It has tilt wheel, A/C, power steering, brakes, antenna, seat, windows, cruise control and an AM radio. As to the KX code I can see a K but not the X. Unfortunately the original owners manual was not included. I have a manual but not the original. The car has changed hands at least 4 times since 2010. It was bought that year from a dealer in Fl. that cannot be found yet. Then sold to an auction in Palm Springs, perhaps the same year. It was at a dealer in St. Louis and then sold to a man here in NJ. This lady has been around the block a few times. The undercarriage is rust free, painted black and quit clean. There is a new gas tank and fairly new exhaust system. The aluminum finned drums seem in great shape externally. I haven't pulled them off to check the brake shoes but she stops the way you would expect a car from that era to stop. I gave it the magnet test above and below and found very little Bondo. Trunk is solid as well. Lots of projects ahead to make her real pretty, but I'm starting with something pretty solid. More drivel to follow
  8. Hi Jason. Actually, after looking for some time, I found it here in NJ. I Don't have the history of the car as it was purchased by the previous owner from a dealer in Missouri. Of course that dealer wouldn't share any info. w/me as to the car's history. We love dealers. Not! I know the car was registered at one point by a gentlemen in Montana but I'm not sure how to document the life of this little lady. If anyone knows how to research Buicks, please share. The VIN of this one is7K1163468. While the intake manifold and carburetors are date coded correct, I can't prove by the letter designation on the front of the engine that the dual quads were factory installed. The stampings are too difficult to read w/ any accuracy. All the other numbers, showing paint code, options, etc. are correct. Long story short, ... Oops, too late for that, I'll be on a fact finding mission I guess.
  9. Hi Campers, After being imprinted at a young age by my uncle's Riv I finally bought my first. It took 46 years, but I finally have one. Jeez, talk about delayed gratification. She's a numbers matching '64 dual quad, w/ the optional white interior and coral mist paint that seems to be a very nice driver. I've already named her "Pearl" and am awaiting for the arrival of a chassis manual from an eBay purchase this last week. You'll probably be hearing from me with a boatload of redundant questions. First project is to find the electrical gremlin that blows the 3 amp fuse associated w/ the dashboard lights. Lots to learn about this lady.