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  1. Is there anybody on this forum that parts out the late model Riv specifically the 97-99 models. I am searching for the multifunction switch which has been discontinued from the dealer and there aren't any available aftermarket. Thank you. Jason Rock
  2. It can be repaired, a competent welding shop should be able to weld it up no problem. When welding cast the whole part is heated up and then welded after the weld is completed it is put back on heat and very slowly cooled.
  3. Most of the cars went from 150 to 200 range mostly parts cars that were fairly complete. There were a couple gs cars in the mix and bought right.
  4. Hi, Kreed painless wiring makes a great wrap called classic braid. Very easy to use and looks great.
  5. I used the Cars kit, worked great. They can also taylor a kit for your specific needs.
  6. If it is a factory Buick steering wheel it is not really wood, it is a plastic composite. You could epoxy it back together and sand it down then take it to a hydro graphics place and get it refinished.
  7. Hi John, I have one that was removed from a running car about three years ago how does 25.00 plus shipping sound?
  8. Hi Zimm, I have one that was removed from a running car about three years ago. If you are still looking for one message me for contact info.
  9. Hi John I think I may have one, I will look through my stash of leftovers tomorrow and I will let you know.
  10. Hi RivinitUp, I did not modify the 65 bumper in any way, I did fab my own lower quarter pieces that line up with the ends of the bumper which turned in a little tighter at the bottom of the quarter panel.
  11. Hi Ed I'm doing neither that is still original paint that has not been sanded down to the metal yet.