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  1. Could someone please tell me What size the center hub is on a 65 riviera? And does a 65 Riv use 1/2" lugs? Im trying to fit up wheels for my Lesabre( which is still in florida) (coming to Pa soon) And A fellow says He could Probably match me up with wheels from a riv. I know billet specialties can help, but they are just too darn expensive.
  2. I have noticed alot of Buick people from the Pittsburgh Pa. area. myself included. Where are you all from? Im from aliquippa , Beaver county.
  3. Thanks for the help and What dues. I dont want to be tagged a freeloader
  4. Anyone know of a good parts source for old cars? I get alot of stuff from Ebay and it is an excellent source for just about anything you can imagine. But I need stuff that just isnt there . I know you guys can help. I also wanted to say that this is one of the most helpful sites I belong to. Many of the message boards you belong to, no one really replies unless it applies to them. Just wanted to thank those who have given me useful information and insite on the subjects that are important to me. Now if someone could just give me some winning Powerball numbers !
  5. Does it remove the ethanol or just keep it from pitting your parts.
  6. Ok I know I got alot of questions but, What kind of gas are most of you guys runnung in your old buicks? Is unleaded ok? You running Lead additives? Straight methanol? Jet fuel?
  7. Thanks thriller . That was most helpful
  8. I will join as soon as I get the car back up here from Florida. A little off subject but I spent a week with the car in tallahassee and decided to buy it. Now I gotta get it here. (Pa.) shipping it is a bit pricey so I really want to drive it back but I need to find out how reliable the old girl is gonna be. U-haul says my truck wont pull it with their trailer.
  9. Just did a search on Ebay. There are few cool BCA items on there. None of the emblems you are looking for though. But some cool things anyways. Just search for "Buick America".
  10. And what is a BCA membership listing?
  11. it has 47000. It was painted ten years ago. all original. numbers match. needs a few mssing interior parts. seats and headliner were reupholstered not covered. new carpet.
  12. Please give my your honest opinion. Is my 62 LeSabre worth the $5000 I paid for it? I think it was a good deal. And , I wanted it, and thats what it cost. It needs very little. And also, Would anyone here feel confident driving this car 1000 miles ? It has low miles and it sounds and drives good. Power seems ok. I just want some input. Dont be harsh.
  13. What color is a Buick 401 suppose to be?
  14. Fluid good. Just no pedal. Most likely its the master cylinder. The car has been sitting for 6 years and I need to drain the gas out of the tank and carb and oil up the cylinders before I try starting it. the carb is brand new as are most of the wear items. It was restored about 10 years ago. The guy drove the car after he bought it and says it runs good. I will get there when it is time. Preventative measures must be taken first.
  15. The brake pedal says power brakes but there is no brake booster . Does it have power brakes or not? They dont work and i assume it needs a master cylinder
  16. 1962 buick LeSabre 401 wildcat. just needs a few repairs and a few interior parts
  17. Hey, Just wanted to introduce myself. Im John and I recently purchased a 62 Buick leSabre 4 dr. Its in awsome condition with 47000 miles.I have a few question and concerns. Im sure someone here can help.
  18. Hi. Im john. I recently purchased a 62 Buick Lesabre 4 dr in florida. Its quite nice. I saw on this site somewhere that a guy put riviera wheels on his 62 and I would like to know What year they were from. I want to find a set of Crager ss Wheels for mine but Im having a hard time finding anything that bolts up. Can anyone help? I will post pics when I get them resized
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