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  1. I have a rebuilt (with receipt) hydromatic transmission for sale. However, I am located in San Jose, CA. If interested, contact me at pancho48garcia@yahoo.com
  2. I am selling good working condition parts off my 1948 239 6 cyl Pontiac engine. Interested? Make me an offer... - Resurfaced Head - 239 6 cyl (local machine shop) - Cater WA-1 Carburetor (rebuilt w/receipt) - Generator (6V) - Intake/Exhuast Manifold (treated with heat temp paint) - Hydromatic Tranny (rebuilt w/receipt) - 1948 Hydromatic Tranny Shop Manual I am also selling the following in fair condition: - Rubber Stone Guards - Headlight Bezels (set) - LH-RH Moldings (set) If intersted, contact me at pancho48garcia@yahoo.com
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