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  1. It's aftermarket I believe, my grandpa changed it out 30 some odd years ago. I'm not that mechanically inclined but I was just wondering if it was supposed to have the 10.4,10.5, or 12 inch in it to begin with, if so would we be able to just get maybe the 10.5 as a replacement?
  2. My husband and I just aquired a 1963 GMC pickup(305 v6). Well it needed a new throwout bearing, so we took the tranny out and got the clutch out...Come to find out it has an 11" clutch and we can't find that anywhere. Everyone is saying it should be 10.4",10.5", or 12". We have found 2 11" online for upwards of $400. My question, is this normal? can we fit a 10.5" on it? are we in for a long restore? TIA