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  1. I think mine are Mr Gasket they are only on the front if I remember correctly......
  2. I used a simple .375" universal pattern aluminum spacer available at any auto parts store. All you need to do if you go that route is clock it so that it fits on and it naturally goes over the rivets. I did use mag lug nuts on my Astros and they center my wheel correctly on the hub?
  3. Any help would be appreciated! Even if I only get the bolt in I.E. length thread pitch etc....
  4. I am looking for a source for a set of exhaust manifold bolts for a 1963. I am not sure where to begin looking any help would be appreciated. Also are you guys putting a bit of lock-tite on yours when installing? Thanks
  5. Ed sorry it took so long for me to reply here. I came down with work and stomach flu! I don't need anything but boy do I have wants!!!
  6. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I hope that it was just the converter and I will keep everyone posted. Ed are going to the swap meet in lathrop this weekend?
  7. My 63 was put up for winter in October and at that time I made sure all the fluids were topped off. After sitting for approximately 4 months, I was showing it to a friend in my shop. I noticed a puddle under it and upon further inspection it was transmission fluid. So I thought, damn the tranny is probably leaking at the seals from sitting. It has always leaked a little when it is driven more than a hundred miles or so at 1 go. No big deal just gets warm and leaks a little, typical Dynaflow. I thought I would check it before firing it up. This where things get askew. Last weekend I pop the hood and check it before attempting to start it. The car had not been run for 4.5 months the trany fluid showed a quart over full? I thought hmm was barley full when warm when I put her up. Odd. Today I finally decided to wake it up from its winter slumber and had to jump it, no biggie. As I'm leting her warm up I am listening for any weird noises and heard none. So I climb in and check for brake operation and just general readiness before trying to put it gear and back up. Everything seems like a go so I drop it all the way back to reverse and back it out of the shop. So far so good. Check for leaks see none and drive it through the field to the driveway. It all seems ok so off I go on a little drive to the car wash. When I get in the bay before I shut her down I am on flat level ground in park idling and check the tranny fluid now that it is warm. Here's where I am confused I figured it would now be way overfilled and am thinking about draing some fluid when I get home, but nope now shows just at the add 1pt line on the dipstick?????? What the heck is going on here? Could the torque converter have drained off?? Anybody have any ideas? I am all ears.....
  8. Hey guys I am going to try and get my ride in the body shop this year and, I would like to make some modifications. Me being the sensible sort, I don't want to ruin my stock 63 deck lid or door skin. That puts me in the market for a Good to Very Good 64 or even 65 drivers door skin and deck lid. I also need a 63-65 front passenger fender in Good to Very Good shape if anyone is looking to part with any of this please P.M. me.. Thanks
  9. I have a leak in my power steering hose!! The leak is in the non-pressure hose (return?). Does any body know what diameter this hose is and if it is reinforced? I will not be able to pull it for a week or two and want to pick up the hose while I am in town. Thanks
  10. Lets see if this works and a couple of stock shots for reference the springs are CSS 3" drop tires are 225/75/15 and they rub I am gonna drop down a couple of sizes.
  11. Yes they were still in ok shape. I am not sure what you would like to know? Also I need to post some pics for this thread but only have them on my computer not on a photo host site so I am not sure how to do it.
  12. mtn

    Lowered '63

    So far no clearance issues on the car at all other. Well other than I need several sizes smaller tires to stop the inner fender rubbing,but as long as I go at a angle or slow over curbs and speed bumps nothing rubs. Sorry it took so long to reply but work is busy.
  13. mtn

    Lowered '63

    So I have had my 63 for about 1 1/2 years now. It is a nice black on black car that had been restored in the 90s. One more So it was a little tall for my taste and I decided to lower it!! I knew I wanted about 3 inches and I did some research into air bags to lower it and drop coils. I ended up settling on Coil Spring Specialties 3 inch drop coils. I had heard nothing but good about them and it proved to be true. I set aside a Saturday to do the swap and got two good friends to help. While I was waiting on the springs to come I ended up ordering Allied Wheel Components Supreme wheels and new Hancock 3/4 white wall tires. I knew that the wheels were uni-lug and that I would need 5/16 wheel spacers also. So with all my parts in hand including the wrong size tires mounted on my wheels (225-75-15) which are indeed to BIG!!!I showed up at my friends house around 11:30am and we started by jacking the front end up and putting jack stands under it. We got the wheels off and decided to drop the a-arm off the upper ball joint. This seems to be the easiest way to get the spring out once you get the wheel off then its only the sway bar ends and shocks that need to be taken off plus unhooking your rubber front brake lines. We then started on the back and it was even easier, basically just the pan hard bar and shocks. This all took about 3 hours we got it all set down and we went to bleed the brakes and low and behold we could not build pressure!!! Ends up that the front drum was slipped on crooked and pulled the wheel cylinder rod out and put it at a funny angle!! So I call and found a rebuild kit, we get it on then as we start to bleed the brakes again the damn passenger rear hard line ruptures!! Back to the parts store for a hard line, get it on then bleed the brakes. I think I left his place at 6:30pm and drove it about 15 miles home. A couple of things first the tires are to big, not sure yet how much but I need to drop a couple of sizes they rub at about 3/4 lock on the inner fender. Second the uni-lug wheels have oblong holes that are not recessed so the mag washers ride on top of the wheel and with no way to index the washers they SUCK and look BAD so I need to figure that out too. But all in all I love the new look and now know I need all new suspension rubber! That is next on the list. Here are some after pics and thanks for looking if anybody has any questions fire away.
  14. Hi all, I lowered my 63 today. I used Coil Spring Specialties 3" drop springs. I had a friend of mine help me and we did it in about 3 hours. Then we had brake issues, ended up being a bad rear line which we replaced and a misaligned front shoe causing a rebuild on the front caliper. We ended up about 2 hours more on those. I also put AWC Supremes on it with a slightly taller tire. Overall I am happy with it. It does rub up front on the inner fender and fender lip some so I will have to address that but I will get it sorted out. It looks soooo much better dropped a bit. I will post a full write up of the process if there's any interest. I also picked up a hopefully rebuild-able 401 and dynaflow this morning. Busy day pics of end result tomorrow or Monday.
  15. Ed I would be interested in the motor and tranny depending on the price. I also need a good trunk lid ? Thanks Mitch
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