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  1. yup. Already paid that $20 TWICE. Couldnt get a refund the first time so don't ask me why I would pay again. But I did. All I got was a directory and none of the cars featured can be accessed or found anywhere on that directory. You cannot even click on a car and it take you to the page either. Its just a whole bunch of dead ends. Complete waste.
  2. Or any 30+ year old convertible jaguar for export and refurbishing. Not really sure where to look. I found this page online: 1967 Jaguar XKE 4.2 Roadster $10,000 - Convertible Factory Lightweight XK 140 and am very interested in those featured vehicles however I don't have the foggiest idea of how to locate those vehicles. Any help that for a lady to figure this stuff out would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. My only stipulations are non American made 30+ years fixer upper, in need of everything. Complete depends on how much the car is selling for in its current condition but parts are generally not an issue.
  4. Well I'm super nice. In fact, I can be ultra nice if I find the cars I am looking for
  5. Well gentlemen Let me put it this way. Whatever cars I buy and export, I am sending to a very happy buyer who probably has just as much appreciation for the vehicle as anyone here, and probably more considering it is a rare commodity in the third world. And just FYI...I am a woman.
  6. This is all remarkably helpful and I thank everyone for their feedback. Can anyone please suggest auction websites? Thank you again gentlemen.
  7. Hello I am interested in purchasing older vehicles (non American made) for export and refurbishing. I would like to know if anyone has anything to offer...not interested in cars in pristine condition. Please propose only vehicles that require serious restoration and work for consideration. Trying to keep Vehicle purchase in addition to export/registration fees in foreign country feasible for buyer. Thank you.
  8. Oh lovely!! thank you!I will head over there right now!
  9. Hello everyone New to the community. I was trying to get in touch with a staff member prior to posting to make sure I was not breaking any rules and posting my inquiries in the appropriate forums, so forgive me if I ended up in the wrong section. I am new to the forums and still trying to get the knack of it. So any help would be appreciated. I am interested in purchasing old cars, 30+ years old, for export and refurbishing overseas. I heard this was the place to frequent and that everyone was very helpful. I was hoping I could get some assistance in finding such vehicles and perhaps making some friends along the way. Thank you and have a nice day. RR
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