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  1. more excellent show pics! i also liked that 1 pic of the boot/belt/food provider. had some fried 'gator tail at a street fair - tasted like a cross between frog legs and chicken.
  2. AACA is back up, at least for now. second time in the past week. someone on another AACA forum stated it has been spammed by North Korea! no problem seeing pics here. using Firefox.
  3. re: the Trailblazer - it's possibly a broken wire somewhere in the steering column. that happened to my '99 Firebird i had a few years ago. other than a bad switch, that seems to be the second causal factor in that era of GM, the no start problem after "the usual" is ruled out. it's a pita to find/fix that and i had another car project i was working on. i had her towed to a trusted local service garage that fixed it. the cost was around $350 (in 2012) - mainly in labor charges.- hope this helps...
  4. John (and fellow blog followers), for ethanol free gas stations - check out: http://pure-gas.org/ looks like there is one station in Marshall and many more in Virginia.
  5. i got a set of "wheelie things" about 5 years ago at Harbor Freight. before using them, i checked the wheels for movement. kind of hard to do so. i liberally sprayed some PB Blaster on the wheels - worked fine after that.
  6. John, i've had a couple GM cars do the same or similar, a '92 Grand Am and a '99 Firebird. both turned out to be the ignition switch. the key would go in, turn, but would not start. that might be something to check out. since it's a PITA to work on, at least for me, i farmed the repairs out to a trusted garage. around $350 each parts & labor. good luck!!!
  7. just a "WAG" - to meet the pollution regulations at the time.
  8. John, you might want to get a tilting wall mount for the tv and free up the cabinet space. on sale at Harbor Freight for $29.99 : http://www.harborfreight.com/large-tilt-flat-panel-tv-mount-61807.html
  9. as a DIY person - on most things - i usually take a: "well, while i'm here i might as well repair..." whatever would take the same tear-down... if your pocketbook allows having the additional repairs done by the mechanic, i'd go for it - for peace of mind.
  10. awesome job, Keith!:cool: i wish i had half the energy you have and i used to...
  11. i may have missed it, but any thoughts about adding a HVAC system for year round comfort?
  12. check to see if your emergency flashers work as they should - with all lights flashing that are supposed to. also all brake lights in the rear... a lot of the time, it's a burned "bright" filament in a rear bulb that causes this to happen. or an overlooked bulb upfront. here's a chart of the bulbs: http://reattaowner.com/roj/component/content/article/217-lighting-system/exterior-lights/178-bulb-number-chart hope this helps!
  13. 'Dude: i second Ronnie's opinion about staying around here and the ROJ (and its Forum) as well. it would be simplistic to say there are only "collectors" and "daily drivers" here, but sometimes it seems that way. personally, i admire the ones that are able to restore/refresh vehicles that others may think should be "parts cars" or go to the crusher!!! all my vehicles - some listed below - have all been "drivers". some not "daily" and some not in bad weather. my goal was/is that i could get in any of my vehicles and drive it anywhere. currently, i'm working on my '51 Studebaker as health issues
  14. What Matthew said about price/shipping! others may have a differing opinion, but i'd go with possibly a softer sidewall radial. also, 10 yr old tires may have stiffened the sidewalls quite a bit. in any case, that old of a tire can be dangerous! http://www.edmunds.com/car-care/how-old-and-dangerous-are-your-tires.html i have/had bias ply tires on my '40 and '51 Studebakers - Firestone Champions on the '40 and BF Goodrich Silvertones on the '51. both would squeal quite a bit on curves. ('51 still does)... while Coker makes good tires, there are others out there that make a good product for clas
  15. Great job Daniel!!!:cool: that should make folks who put in a SBC with a turbo/supercharger with a beefed up trans/rear end into anything, blush... maybe there's an abandoned airstrip that could be marked off for the 1/4 mile!
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