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  1. I found you... this is Whitey39... if you can email me again with your contact and a photo of the steering wheel that would be fantastic, thanks so much... I lost your contact.
  2. Looking for 'Crusty Coupe'... who had the steering wheel I was after... Real sorry that I meant to delete my reply and I deleted your whole email. Can you please ping me again so I have your contact and I will get back to you, I only remembered your name, thanks so much... Whitey39.
  3. Hi, recently joined. I have a '39 Lincoln Coupe recently purchased, second owner, a real survivor. I was looking for a pair of glass wind windows if anyone knows where I can get some... Also, I love my '39 but I absolutely love '40 Zephyr steering wheels. Does anyone know where I can get one in reasonable condition (right you say...). Keith L, are you doing copies? Thanks