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  1. Definitely not in stock down at NAPA. Will keep looking.
  2. Would like to purchase a distributor for a 1921 Oldsmobile 43 AT four cylinder. A complete distributor or just the housing would be great. My housing is cracked allowing the unit to jump out of time. I have heard that the Chevy motor may be similar? Can anyone verify that chevy and olds would interchange? thanks John
  3. Thanks Joe. I took your advice and found a machine shop. The first nut made fits great. Now waiting for the others. These hex nuts are 2 1/8" inside diameter from the bottom of the threads (Major?) and 2 1/16" from the top of the threads. The left side of the axle has left hand threads while the right side has right handed threads. John
  4. I need right side axle nuts for 1912 Timken axle. 2 1/8" ID with 16 pitch threads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sorry to be so long in responding. The snow storm kept us preoccupied. The double mount, is that brass? I am not clear from the pictures if this is a set or just pieces? Any additional information? Thanks
  6. thanks for the information. Their sizes appear too small.
  7. Any thoughts on who might have one for sale would be greatly appreciated. Any one know of a person that makes them?
  8. Looking for a brass spare tire side mount for 4.5-5" tires. Would prefer a double mount but would consider a single mount. Thanks
  9. Hey Ben, Would you please PM me regarding the Mason/Locomobile block? Thanks
  10. Looking for a space in the chocolate field near the car corral. 516-650-1006
  11. Looking for a Chocolate space near the car corral. 516-650-1006
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