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  1. Let me ask a question, If you need a medical car for a class (A) in maryland please get me the reg # so I can look that up. Yes you must have a medical card for a CDL But not required for a class(A) in Maryland. If you need it for class (A) Maryland how does a person get the drug testing (randon)?? All CDL holders are in the random pool the company that they work for can and does send you out when ever your number comes up.They have to send a %% of there CDL holders every month.I was sent out 3 times in one month. When I was employed by the state we had to have a CDL (A) . Whe
  2. Johm348 I do not doubt what you said. But just think if (ALL VEHICLES OVER 10,000 POUNDS") big long line to get to scale had to stop then why do the RV not stop??? If the vehicle is commerical it must stop, But if not go past!! Heck that would mean my one ton p/u would have to stop GWR 15,000 lbs. The big thing is ,are you commercial !!!commercial !!! Its a fine line and I will tell you most LEO do not know what they are looking at. Now a LEO who is DOT or truck inspector will know what they are lookin at.
  3. Hi Lets start by saying I live in Maryland 30 years now. Retired from state work. Next I have a home in Baltimore so my truck and trailer are licence here. Next I have a home in WVA off of 70 so I go to WVA and back to Baltimore once a month. Now my big garage is in WVA,so I trailer my car or truck at least 2 a month, and have NEVER stoped at the scales. My truck is a 2015 dually my trailer is a 2017 vintage at 44 ft goose. Truck is 15,000 gwr trailer is 18,000 . I do have a Maryland class A licence. no medical card needed for A maryland. Now here the trick my trailer has FULL Li
  4. Hi all. I live in Maryland just out side of Baltimore, I have a Dually and a 3 axle trailer. I have not ever stoped at a weight station or ben stopped for going by one. Now my trailer has living quarters so its really a RV.I have never seen a rv in the scale on 70 east or west bound.my registration for bouth is 30,000 lbs. For my combination in MD you do need a class A licence or a CDL.l go by the scale about twice a month. My truck and trailer has NO signage .Its not Commercial and it all in my name
  5. Very nice . Aluminum wheels. 24 ft. jump door. ATP floor runners.5,000winch and battery. Round top. spring ride. Champagne color. Extended toung. Spair tire. Cabinets in front (home maid) E-mail for photos.or call thanks SOLD
  6. Advanced wireless technology. 704 576 6971 Best there is for the money. I even use there gps so if some lowlife steel it I can track it. It also wireless so install is easy. Just think how much you have invested in the car and trailer.
  7. Hi all: Update I sold the 94 Ford F-350 1 photo in this thread. Got a 2008 Ford F-350 DRW C/C diesel. Man what a difference. Good thing I have mirrors,I have to keep looking to see jf my trailer is still there!!!!!
  8. Hi Hers mine 94 ford F-350 4X4 with 4.56 gearing. Trailer 2010 United 24 ft? Ext hitch.
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