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  1. >Try these guys...old car lenses home< Hmm, his web site says 'please do not email me to identify lenses'. Maybe I'll check with him anyway. The worst he can do is tell me to get lost.
  2. Thanks for all the tips everyone! I'll continue investigating.
  3. Hi, I actually found this in my father's airplane hangar. It's got a fancy looking lens marked: Warner Lens June 25, 1912 36 D = 9 1/2 J The housing has no markings that I can find however the bracket shows a large "2109". It might have been a spare for something in dad's collection. The collection included the following: Two Willy-Knight's, a couple of 1914 Buicks, 1925 Chrysler, 1929 Stutz, and a 1930 Ford. I no longer have any of the vehicles. Best regards, John P.S. There are some other headlights and oil side lamps that I'll probably inquire about too so stay tuned.
  4. Thanks for the reply Charlie. When I get back to Dallas next I'll try to figure out what I've got. I may take you up on the offer for help at that point. Thanks again, John
  5. Hi, the parts are in Texas and I'm in Oregon. At this time I don't have any trips to Texas scheduled. I will more than likely visit sometime later this year. That would be the soonest I'd be able to take pictures. I would be happy to do so at that time though. Did any of the Stutz's have kerosene side lamps? There were definitely a couple of those among the parts. If they weren't used on the Stutz's then my parts are probably from one of my father's other cars. My best guess would be one of his two Willys Knights but I don't know. It's a puzzle though. I sold most of the cars and I d
  6. FYI: Here are some samples of the documents/correspondence I have between my uncle and Mr. AK Miller. These documents are dated in 1956-1958. If I'm unable to identify the current owner of the car I'll make them available to other interested parties as well as the original plate/badge that was in the file. Best regards, John
  7. Hi Charlie, If I'm unable to identify the current owner of the car I'll be glad to talk to you about the items I have. Beside the badge/plate in the photo I provided I have about a dozen pieces of correspondence between my uncle and a Mr. A K. Miller of Miller Flying Service. These are dated between 1956 and 1959. They discuss the availability and prices of parts for the 1929 Dual Cowl Phaeton. It seems my uncle bought a number of parts from him. Finally, there are a few receipts for work on the car also dated in the late 50's. There is one for sand blasting and another for painting. I ma
  8. Hello, about ten years ago I sold a 1929 dual cowl Phaeton to a gentleman in Texas. It's the car mentioned in this thread: http://forums.aaca.org/f132/look-what-i-found-texas-166486.html Last week while going through my father's files I found some items related to this car. The car was purchased by my uncle in the 1950's. I found a credit card sized plate with the car number as seen in the attached picture. I presume it came from that car and was removed at some point. Additionally, the file contains correspondence between my uncle and a parts supplier, Miller Flying Service, Montclair,
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