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  1. This is probably a smart move on Bridgestone's part as the commercial market will be much less particular about the aesthetics of a new airless tire, which definitely will be an issue within the passenger vehicle segment. Bridgestone's non-pneumatic tire/wheel design, unlike Michelin's, has three separate parts (tread, hub, and web) allowing the replacement of worn tread as needed (the current Michelin design is a one piece unit). When these finally make it to market I will certainly consider using these for my enclosed car trailer as they will eliminate most if not all heat and pressure issues while towing. - Bob
  2. Some other makes I have encountered which used the Standard Steel Car produced HS V8 include (and I am sure there are others): Abbott-Detroit Anderson Apperson Common Sense Tractor Daniels (I have seen Daniels listed as using their own V8 design also) Douglas Drummond Murray Rock Falls Ross Bob
  3. I don’t believe there was any royalty arrangement to HS. All the rights to the HS V8 were fully vested to Standard Steel as part of the purchase. Thus Standard Steel was the only producer of the HS V8 for all other brand uses ( Peerless excludes) with all monies for sales going to Standard Steel Car Co - Bob
  4. Actually it appears that other than design and prototype engine versions HS did not manufacture any of the production V8 engines at their facilities ( HS did produce all of their 4 and 6 cylinder engines). Peerless built HS V8 variants for themselves and Standard Steel manufactured and supplied their HS V8 variant for themselves and all other auto makers who might have used the HS V8. - Bob
  5. The Standard Eight did not use the dual front headlight design until the 1917 production year. The first 10 or so developmental cars build in 1915-1916 had single style front headlights
  6. From my research on the HS V8 and the Standard Eight automobile it appears that , while built by different companies (Peerless and Standard Steel Car), the 1915/1916 HS V8s built by Peerless and Standard were very close to being almost identical. But beginning with the 1917 production year the two engine designs began to deviate from each other as both companies implemented their own improvements to the engine design. - Bob
  7. Standard used the Hershell Spillman V8 engine. As part of Standard's goal to produce all parts for their cars in-house ,they acquired both the design and manufacturing rights from HS for the HS V8 and built these motors in the former Pittsburgh Model Engine plant, in Pittsburgh. Other than Peerless, which had acquired their own rights to use the HS V8 engine design, other manufactures which used the HS V8 in their cars sourced their engines from the Standard engine factory in Pittsburgh. - Bob
  8. White and Humphries were the largest Standard Eight distributors in California. They even attempted (and built) to build a custom speedster based on the Standard Eight. - Bob
  9. Wanted to buy: an early Westinghouse Vertical Ignition Unit for an 8 (eight) cylinder engine. This unit was used on the very early Standard Eight vehicles, and other early vehicles which used the Herschell Spillman V8 engine. I only need the vertical ignition unit, not the combined generator ignition unit, but finding a combined unit would be OK I as can probably adapt the unit. I have included a few photos of the Westinghouse Vertical Ignition Units for reference. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Thanks - Bob
  10. I have used this online photo stitcher with good success. No software to install but just done through your browser. This same core software is used by ebay so it is sorted out pretty well and is pretty straightforward to use. - Bob http://zippyhelp.com/imagetools/stitch/photostitch.htm
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  13. I see the Red Dot over the Bell icon when there is a new topic for reply to a forum I have on my watch list.
  14. That makes sense. With the update to Firefox you may now have a plugin that is not compatible with the Firefox update which could then be impacting the forum website.
  15. You probably have done this already but empty the Firefox browser cache, close Firefox, and then reopen Firefox and try to reply on the Forum. If that does not help, are you using any plug-ins that you have added to Firefox? It is possible that one of your plug-ins is creating and issue with the forum webpages. Try starting Firefox in safe mode (which will temporarily disable all plug-ins) and then see if you can reply on the form. Here is a link on how to start Firefox in safe mode: https://www.top-password.com/blog/5-simple-ways-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode/