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  1. I have used this online photo stitcher with good success. No software to install but just done through your browser. This same core software is used by ebay so it is sorted out pretty well and is pretty straightforward to use. - Bob http://zippyhelp.com/imagetools/stitch/photostitch.htm
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    What browser are you using?
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    You can turn notifications off in your forum account settings and you can also have your browser prevent pop up notifications for this or any site.
  4. I see the Red Dot over the Bell icon when there is a new topic for reply to a forum I have on my watch list.
  5. That makes sense. With the update to Firefox you may now have a plugin that is not compatible with the Firefox update which could then be impacting the forum website.
  6. You probably have done this already but empty the Firefox browser cache, close Firefox, and then reopen Firefox and try to reply on the Forum. If that does not help, are you using any plug-ins that you have added to Firefox? It is possible that one of your plug-ins is creating and issue with the forum webpages. Try starting Firefox in safe mode (which will temporarily disable all plug-ins) and then see if you can reply on the form. Here is a link on how to start Firefox in safe mode: https://www.top-password.com/blog/5-simple-ways-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode/
  7. Hi ncgirl05 You can limit your search to a particular forum several ways directly within the AACA forum search. One method would be: 1. Run your search 2. On the search results page click "more search options" 3. The advance search options page will open 4. Change Content Type to Topics 5. Click the Forums : Select drop down and then select the forum(s) for you which to limit the search (you can select more than one by holding down the Ctrl key as you click). 6. Click Search Content to update the search I have attached a few screen shots showing where to find these options. - Bob
  8. Following on to cahartey's post I also use Google to perform detailed searches of the AACA forums. You can force Google to search just the AACA forums by starting all of your Google search strings with site:forums.aaca.org (followed by your search terms of interest) Once the Google search runs you can then use the Google tools button to even limit the search to a particular time. And all of the advanced Google search features can be used also (exclude terms, Boolean and/or, date range, document type, etc.) I have attached an example screenshot in which I used Google to search the AACA forums for the exact term "model t" limited to the last month. I added the red arrow to show that Google often only shows a subset of what if finds, so click the link at the arrow to see everything Google finds. Granted not as nice a doing a search directly from within the forum but I have found some pretty granular references in the forums using Google. - Bob
  9. 504 errors can often be related to the DNS server you are using (probably your the DNS of your ISP) not communicating with other servers on the internet correctly. Try using one of the free public DNS servers ( https://www.lifewire.com/free-and-public-dns-servers-2626062 . I never use my the DNS server of my ISP but instead use of the large open DNS servers. - Bob
  10. Here are some photos we took at the AGNM.
  11. I can confirm that content updates on the site are now average less that 1.5s for me and total page loads average under 2s. Those are good numbers for a forum website.
  12. Today I am seeing "sorry there was an error loading more activity. I have reproduced this error three times this morning. For me the error has happened on the 4th request to load more content when view my activity stream.
  13. I still see the same issue (and agree with what you are seeing) that the site and the site pages load fine (again all under .5s) but the delay is related to the backend database servers (or the CDN delivery through Amazon Web Services) retrieving and then forwarding the requested content. I attached another page trace I just ran (simply by clicking the "My Stream" button) and the delay for the web page awaiting the content to display was a very high 72 seconds.
  14. Here is are two links on how to run a ping test and a trace route for all of the major operating systems: https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/How_to_run_a_ping_test https://iihelp.iinet.net.au/How_to_run_a_traceroute