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  1. Place a for sale ad on the EMF Home Page website.
  2. Thanks. That’s how I started by cleaning out old posts but for some reason the attachments remain ( none of them are linked to any post so the are really just dead files ) But no problem leaving them. They present no problem at all. I just wanted to free up the storage space. Thanks for taking the time to check. Bob
  3. Always a first right. When you have a chance you can purge all my attachments except for the two most recent. No rush at all. Thanks Bob
  4. Thanks Peter, Maybe it is related to some type of account permissions as the ability to select and then delete attachments is not available when I go to My Attachments. Thanks Bob
  5. Is there any way to delete uploaded attachments from your profile which are no longer linked/used to a post? I was doing some clean-up to my profile and I would like the space used by these "dead" attachments to go back to the general server space. Thanks - Bob
  6. Maybe try uninstalling Firefox, delete the left over Firefox folders after the delete finishes, reboot the device and then re-install Firefox. This should give you clean settings and a clean cache (as long as you got all of the left over folders deleted).
  7. Have you tried logging into the forum with a different browser to see if you get the same error message. If you can log in with say Chrome or Edge this would indicate there is some type of cache issue with Firefox (sometimes using just the "clear cache" option within a browser not every possible cache item is removed).
  8. What browser are you using when you see this error message?
  9. This is probably a smart move on Bridgestone's part as the commercial market will be much less particular about the aesthetics of a new airless tire, which definitely will be an issue within the passenger vehicle segment. Bridgestone's non-pneumatic tire/wheel design, unlike Michelin's, has three separate parts (tread, hub, and web) allowing the replacement of worn tread as needed (the current Michelin design is a one piece unit). When these finally make it to market I will certainly consider using these for my enclosed car trailer as they will eliminate most if not all heat and pressure issues while towing. - Bob
  10. Some other makes I have encountered which used the Standard Steel Car produced HS V8 include (and I am sure there are others): Abbott-Detroit Anderson Apperson Common Sense Tractor Daniels (I have seen Daniels listed as using their own V8 design also) Douglas Drummond Murray Rock Falls Ross Bob
  11. I don’t believe there was any royalty arrangement to HS. All the rights to the HS V8 were fully vested to Standard Steel as part of the purchase. Thus Standard Steel was the only producer of the HS V8 for all other brand uses ( Peerless excludes) with all monies for sales going to Standard Steel Car Co - Bob
  12. Actually it appears that other than design and prototype engine versions HS did not manufacture any of the production V8 engines at their facilities ( HS did produce all of their 4 and 6 cylinder engines). Peerless built HS V8 variants for themselves and Standard Steel manufactured and supplied their HS V8 variant for themselves and all other auto makers who might have used the HS V8. - Bob
  13. The Standard Eight did not use the dual front headlight design until the 1917 production year. The first 10 or so developmental cars build in 1915-1916 had single style front headlights
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