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  1. turns out it was the points...I had replaced 2 sets already with no luck, opted for a 3rd set just on a fluke and that did the trick! It's up and running again w/o issue! Thanks for the help. I also had a stuck valve, shortly before this last issue that resulted in one of the rocker arms breaking and a push rod being bent. I poured some mystery oil in ea. valve and let it soak overnight. That free'd the stuck valve up. Someone from another forum was kind enough to provide me with a matching number rocker arm and the push rod was available through Napa.
  2. This has been an ongoing problem for the past year and I'm running out of ideas...The car is not accelerating properly. It will idle fine but when giving it the gas it stumbles similar to a misfire and the exhaust blows erratic. Originally I thought it was the vacume advance as it was not turning properly. I replaced it and now that works fine. It also has new points, condensor, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil, horn relay etc. The distributor has been pulled, cleaned and replaced, timing is set, points gapped...I bypassed the ignition switch to ensure the wiring is not the problem, it checked ok, ground is good and the most I can get from it is a good idle but can't seem to get it to accelerate more than 10mph....not on to what I've done to the fuel side. tank is new, lines cleaned, pump new, filter new, original carb rebuilt to spec professionaly but I'm still having same issue. The car has 32,000 original miles and is in great condition. Before last year it ran like a champ. All of the above repairs have been made the past 10 months or so. Any ideas would be very helpful as I'm all out :confused:
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