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  1. Having some issues with our original carb and rebuilding it does not help as the choke is broken

    as well as a few other issues.

    Love to find an NOS, Rebuilt, or a carb in better condition than ours!

    Send me a PM through the forum if you have one....Thanks!

    Let me know the condition, price and shipping (to Boise, ID) and any other info you have on it.

    Thanks and take care!


    (ours has the 719 on it but the 720 was also used on these or so I'm told)

  2. I know how you feel...I work for a bearing distributor here in Idaho as the buyer for our branch and the mark up is astounding!

    A lot of bearings are made in China these days with some being better than others but it pays to check around and find the best pricing. The auto parts giants are not always the

    best places but sometimes that is the only place to go. If you look in the yellow pages under bearings and find a place like where I work, you can get a selection of brands and prices instead of just one choice. A lot of folks think they have to go to auto parts stores for bearings but that simply is not the case!

  3. Yes, we thought about that but were not sure if we want to tear into it and find it is already 60 over. It runs a little hot now so even if it is 30 over now, it may not be

    the best thing to go through it. I'm not savy on this stuff myself but we were thinking a turnkey motor would be the easiest to get the sound/HP he wants.

    Friend of ours said we could change out the cam and a few other things to get the desired effect so we are still researching it.

    It does have the 4 bbl Quadrajet but no other big up-grades. Stock everything as far as we know.

    I'm all for keeping it as well so we will see what happens!

    Any ideas on cam #'s and other upgrades a person can do with a stock motor that will give it the rough idle but not be a huge expense?

  4. We have a stock 283 1964 Chevelle with the 2 speed Powerglide.

    Hubby is pestering me about ordering a 383 (Summit engine) and putting it in but not changing anything else in the car. It does not have Posi or any other modification. All stock from the factory. 10 bolt rearend,

    Any opinions? An engine builder here said it is possible if you go with a low HP

    build. Also, any folks bought a block/motor from Summit and had any issues?


  5. We bought a 1964 Chevelle with a 283 and the 2 spd Powerglide but what we noticed is that it shifts almost immoderately into 2nd. We are replacing the modulator but is there more we should be looking into?

    It will not down-shift as well.

    Anyone had the same problem and fixed it?

    We have a Powerglide handbook and have tried a few things so I was wondering what everyone else may have done to correct fast shifting and no down-shift.


  6. Thanks! The Ebay one he wants to sell it to me for $100 total but I'm not so sure as

    the warranty thing may be an issue even though Paypal backs you up on purchases.

    Kanter has a core fee of $59 and our core is no good. Cracked and all!

    What does everyone think on purchasing an old, reconditioned pump? Are the parts still viable after say 20 years?

  7. I bought a reman water pump that said it was for a 46-48 Pontiac 6 and 8 cyl all.

    It has a long shaft on it and would put the fan into our radiator. I'm thinking

    it must be for the 6 cyl?

    Don't know but the casting # on it is 509114. Looks just like the original

    37-48 pump but with a long shaft.

    If you need it, email with any offer.



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