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  1. No question about that. It was written so well and researched so thoroughly that there would be little error to amend. Plus, given its nature the subject matter was set in history well before work began on the book. I was truly in awe when I first discovered the tome. I am still in awe of the amount of research that went into it and the scope of the work. That anyone would ever even undertake such a vast challenge is incredible to me. I do not think anyone could ever equal the work that was done on that book. The dates in the title alone speak volumes as to the thoroughness of the work.
  2. As for the current price, I picked up a copy from the new print run several months back for about $72 (USD). It's an expensive book, but that's about 40% of what they were going for used before the reprint. The bulk of the writing has not been updated since the mid 80's when the book ws first released, but it remains very relevant and accurate. The book is a must have for any early car enthusiast.
  3. This is a fun thread, I might as well throw my hat into this ring. I agree with the comments that luxury and near luxury cars are often the most undervalued. Luxury cars are always undervalued when compared to muscle cars of the same era, especially when you consider that the luxury cars often got bigger engines than the smaller lighter Mustangs, Cudas, Chevelles etc did. Cadillacs have developed a strong following though, leaving the rest, particularly the near-luxury prestige brands holding the bag. Full-size Buicks and Oldses of almost any era are undervalued, IMO, but here are some spe
  4. This hearse has been on eBay off and on for probably close to two years now listed at the same price. It is an amazing piece of craftsmanship, but I have a hunch that between the variables associated with such a unique, old, wood bodied car, the fact that it has detiorated for several years, the fact that it is described only in broken English, the travel involved to inspect the car and cost to ship it back to the States it is just too much for too high a price for those who would be interested. It's a shame, I would have hoped the seller would catch the drift after a couple years. I do hop
  5. Here's a pretty decent looking 1962 Lincoln convertible, both within your price range and within a relatively reasonable drive. I have no affiliation whatsoever to this car, just came across it in my weekly eBay searches after having read your posts. Lincoln : Continental - eBay (item 300481009204 end time Mar-13-11 10:39:11 PDT) Best of luck with your search!
  6. In the city for me. I'm a lifelong car nut, relatively recent Buick fan and new forum member.
  7. Beautiful collection of cars you have there, Marck. You Reatta guys sure are dedicated. They are truly great cars and a little known gem of the car collecting world. It seems too that when someone has one, they likely have 3+.
  8. I see no reason to remove the thread, it seems to be a good one to me, I was just saying there's little correlation between the atrocious acts of disastrous irresponsibility commited by BP and the current rise in price we're seeing. The price increase is speculation related, stemming from the instability in the Middle East. That said, it's a great thread and always interesting to see how gas prices compare across the country.
  9. Gas is about $3.399 where I live, but cross over into Jersey and I saw as low as $2.999/gallon for regular on Saturday. It's ridiculous. I don't see how BP has anything to do with the most recent price increases though.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! I will be spending many hours here on the forums, reading and contributing where possible. The depth and breadth of the topics covered here amaze me, there is often more and better history than in the books to be found on this site.
  11. I, too found this post via Google and it compelled me to join the forums, something I had for some reason been putting off for some time. First of all, Brian, thank you for the very informative, well written and frankly riveting writeup. You have two (well, four but two which are discussed) very beautiful cars. My experience with the 1986-91 generation of Lesabres is limited and unfortunately not positive. My parents bought a new 1990 Lesabre Custom sedan several months after I was born to have a safer vehicle to replace the 1984 Toyota Tercel Wagon. The Lesabre came from the factory wit
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