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  1. It,s me again, sorry about the typo error the VIN no: is 454877YI39379 THANKS classic68
  2. To all you guys that replied Thanks. According to the Mass. Registry the car was titled in 2010 and can,t be titled unless owner signs over title to me, I bought this car in a salvage yard and they don,t know who junked this gem. The car is a Lesabre Sport Coupe 400 The registry won,t even buy an assurance bond to title the car. Here is the VIN454877YI3979 PS: It is a 2 door no post car, checked with police, this vehicle is not stolen. THANKS classic68
  3. This is a 1967 Buick Lesabre that was stored for 15 years. It is all original right down to the hubcaps. I bought this car with the intent of restoring it but I can,t get it titled!!!!!!!!!! It has 48000 original miles, 340 cu. eng. with a 4 barrel carter carb. This car runs mint. If interested call Kenny at 508-763-0034 for more info. I will not part car out.
  4. Thanks Bleach, I,m just going to pull the eng. in the car. classic68
  5. My 350 cu.in. spun a bearing in my BUICK Lesabre. I have a 340 cu.in. eng. with low miles. Question? will the 340 bot up to the Buick turbo 400 trans? Any help or advice would be very helpful. Thanks classic 68 Kenny PS the eng. is a 1967 340 the trans is a 1970 turbo 400
  6. Hi Robert, I,m happy to meet you and thanks very much for the info. Got a couple leads on tracking the title. It was sold at Getz Buick??????? classic68 Kenny
  7. HI John, glad to meet. I have a 1967 Lesabre that is all original with 48000 miles. It purrs like a kitten but needs the usual resto work. Is your brother into old cars? Would like to meet him and you or talk. buick68@comcast.net Kenny
  8. Hello, from East Freetown,Mass. I don,t know if you mean me, but I,m always happy to make a new friend. classic68 Kenny:)
  9. Hello from East Freetown Mass. You guys are going to like this story! The other day me and the wife were driving past a metal scrap yard and an old car caught my eye, so I drove in to find a all original 1967 Buick Lesabre with 48000 miles that an old fellow had in his garage for years. He wanted it out of his garage so he junked it. It was heading for the crusher that morning,"BUT" not if I hadn,t bought it for four times what they gave him for junk price, it came home with me. There is no title to this car or name of who owned it how can I go about getting it titled????? YOURS TRULY Classi
  10. Hello Buick People, I,m classic68 I,m a newbe here but I,m an oldie Buick fan, I should post and share more often, I just retired so I,ll be on this site learning and sharing now that I,m not working 70 and 80 hours a week. My job almost killed me!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say a big HI. Kenny (classic68)
  11. Hi all, I have a 1968 Buick Lesabre Custom Conv. that is modified. I put a top on this car and replaced back cylinders, I might be able to give you some pointers.Give Me a shout. Classic68 HAPPY MOTORING
  12. P.S. He needs all nuts and bolts. He wants to change them all. Classic68 Thanks
  13. Hi buick5563, I believe he is a BCA member and has plans to show this car. As soon as I can get down to his house I will take some pitures and post them. From my expeince with show cars, he has a lot and long way to go. Thanks for the info I will keep you posted on the resto.Thanks classic68 Kenny
  14. Hi Guys, A buddy of mine just bought a 1961 Lesabre. We stripped all the chrome off this car and because the nuts and bolts were so rusted on we had to cut most of them off. When they come back from being rechromed were going to need nuts and bolts for most of the car, because were bringing it back to original. Any help you guys can give us. Is there a kit? THIS CAR WAS SAVED FROM THE CRUSHER!!!!!!! It,s a BUICK Thanks Kenny
  15. Hi Rick and Everybody, Since I,m feeling my way around the site I posted on the tech forum to introduce myself. I,ve been around cars since I was fourteen years old. I built a few and raced a few, "but you know what" I learned some things from this forum about Buicks. Your never to old to learn and ask questions. THANKS Kenny alias buick68
  16. Hello, I,m classic68 I have been a certified car nut for about 45 years, and I have a fond love for BUICKS, i got some pitures on this site somewhere. THANKS Kenny
  17. classic68


    Hi everyone, I.m a newbe to your site and I think theres a lot of good info shared between evertbody. So here go,s I have a 1968 lesabre custom convertible. This car is far from original it has a 455 between the rails and custom paint and interior. This car turns heads and takes trophys. I,m proad of the work I put into this jewel. I have had this car for fifteen years and when I found it she was ready for the crusher. I brought it home to restore it the best I could. My wife first saw it and thought I was out of my mind then. Today this car is part of the family, the wife would get rid me bef
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