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  1. I posted some vehicle/ engine #'s on the general forum here and was wondering if maybe I could have a few of you Chrysler guys check it out and help me in getting info on this vehicle. I really would appreciate any and all help/ leads... Thanks,Les
  2. Thanks Martin, still trying to figure out what we have so I can get the right parts ordered. I do appreciate the help. Les
  3. Hi, Was hoping to get some help identifying and securing rebuild parts for a Chrysler project we have going on. I have the vehicle #'s but not absolutely sure on exactly all the info needed to makes the repairs. The body # is 393-1259, the VIN# is 6507672. also have #'s from the engine block and head, they are block#'s CJ7768 stamped just below head, cast #'s are 310229-3 & A12-28-9. The head # is 313041-1 and the words silver dome. I would really appreciate any help that could be provided and it is a very nice car just needs engine redone, will be doing complete engine rebuild. Thanks for all the help in advance... Les