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  1. I'm looking for a 1941 Oldsmobile thermostat housing that hasn't had the top tier rotted off like mine has. I believe the 230 straight 6, 238 straight 6, and 257 straight 8s from 1939-1949 all use the same Thermostat housing. Here is a picture of my leaky one. Here is a picture of the unidentified updated unit. Apparently there is an updated thermostat housing that looks like this, that I would be happy to replace on mine with if I could find and locate one.
  2. Looking through the "Olds for Sale" forum I saw this T-stat housing on a 1940 230 six, and it looks like the updated unit.
  3. I wasn't sure which of the 4 Oldsmobile forums I should post this in, so forgive me if I should post this in the other ones. Also, I recently joined the Classic Oldsmobile forums, so if you are on that forum and are seeing this again, you'll have to forgive me for duplicating the post. I've recently started started the restoration of my 1941 Oldsmobile 96 Custom Cruiser Business Coupe. I've finally got my priorities straight and I'm looking at getting my 1941 Oldsmobile the much needed love she deserves. Here she is in her former glory with me as a high school punk The car was originally
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