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  1. Looking for an Original passenger grille side for my pickup. Would look at complete grille too of course.
  2. Sagefinds - do you have pics? I have two shells now and one grille that is OK, but looking for better
  3. someone stole the whole grille out of my 36 LC 1/2 truck looking to buy a completed grille - or really good pieces. Car and 1/2 ton should be same for 36. Will consider a 37 1/2 truck grille (it will fit)
  4. HI - not sure what you are doing with the Dodge - but If the grille is nice let me know, if you are selling car or parts Thanks - if its a 1936
  5. Wanted a very good to great, 1936 Dodge LC Pickup truck GRILLE. Thanks
  6. I dont have a rear axle yet - I am mainly concerned about correct length, 35/36 axles differ from 37/38 and mine is a 36 rear axle - a guy has a few but doesnt know which is the 36 any longer
  7. Hi - need to know the length (full collapsed or extended) for a 1936 Dodge LC truck driveshaft is - I have found an axle (yet to be delivered), but need to buy a driveshaft as well.
  8. Hi - need to buy a driveshaft for my 1936 Dodge LC pickup. found a potential supplier, however he cant identify one from the other. does anyone have the dimensions?
  9. anyone doing a 28/29 desoto my dad has a rough 4dr sedan in Ontario Canada near ottawa, he is interested in selling cheap
  10. HI - Any chance you would ship the tailgate to Dallas?
  11. well i do know where a 36 desoto is ,......
  12. so 37 PLYMOUTH cars are different than 36 LC?
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