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  1. Good News: Our Children Have Some Terrific Ideas for How to Get the Big Ol’ Boat Unstuck From the Suez Canal I love so many of these kids that I can't pick a favorite but I will say they certainly know how to use their cars. Teddy, 4: “They need a crane and a rope and a ramp and a car. The car will run on the ramp and cut the rope and land on the boat with a crash. This will bump the boat back into the sea. If that doesn’t work, we could just add another car. Double force!!”
  2. Are you saying your father could not answer a simple question like, "Why is your plane burned at an Airport in South America?" I would have so many answers - almost all certain to get me thrown into a South American jail LOL
  3. Past owners. It is true. A car with ownership history and invoices for work done will help you avoid any surprises - and always have it inspected. Always.
  4. May I be so bold as to disagree. The details are with the masses. You were lucky to have a good experience - but records get lost, people die, and if your one off car was not so important to somebody it could have very well disappeared forever. Those very people were obviously not very far from your car in terms of connection. I believe we used to have about 2500 car companies in the US in the early 1900's. A lot of cars got made. Some companies only producing a handful of cars that are now extinct. You lucked out. The rest of us are still chasing dead leads and gleaning important
  5. It is so addictive that I have just spent my entire beautiful Sunday afternoon on the site much to the dismay of a very unhappy un-walked dog that keeps giving me the sad eyes. Good luck with your search. Keep us posted. I have sent a PM with my Rev's Institute contact.
  6. Craig the new privacy laws aside Jaguar in England only had a record of the first US owner if that owner took out a warranty on the car. The dealership where the car was sold in the US had the owner's name but a lot of these records were tossed when dealerships closed. Sometimes family members took the records home and stored them in attics. Dealership records are very sought after these days. So a Jaguar Heritage Certificate can tell you where your car came from in the US but 9 times out of 10 they can not tell you the first owner.
  7. Have you contacted the Rev's Institute to see if they can help? They have a treasure trove of pictures and in the case of the research I was doing on a Maserati they had all of the hand written notes from an author that wrote a book about the car that they were able to supply those notes to me. I gleaned a lot of clues from notes written in the margins but never used in the book. Also if it has a Tennessee tag from 1972 there might still be info at the DMV. Each state has different requirements for how long they keep records (not as long as 1921). Might help to contact the AACA
  8. I have put out a message to a client that has a 350GT in France to see if he knows about Ford connections that might be helpful. Have you tried contacting classic car dealers in France to see if any of them recognize the car? I would even expand that to dealers in Belgium and the Netherlands, etc. that specialize in muscle cars or American cars overall. Do you know how long the car was in storage? Do you have the name of the person who's shed it was in? And why is the VIN a dead end? Someone stop me LOL.
  9. Hi I saw your PM and was just about to respond to you to ask about the shipping information. The DMV will not have records from 1921. Did the car come to a dealership in DC? By the way the car is beautiful. The owner's may have passed on but all family members have not. You would be surprised at the amount of information tucked away in boxes in attics. What clues do you have so far?
  10. To everyone looking for information about their car's history - what Craig found on "Fleets" for Owl Head is exactly what you should be doing. Post on every forum that has something to do with your car. Find out who the Registrars and Historians for that make and model are and reach out to them. This site has been an invaluable tool for research for me because people that contribute are car nuts and they are invaluable resources. You have to keep getting the word out there. As far as the Woodbridge Dealership is concerned I am certain if Owls Head posted on Ford forums someone will rememb
  11. Oh my Lord! That will make you cry. That story is exactly like the one I wrote about in this thread. The son searched for the VIN one last time on his mother's request and the car popped up for sale - on this site as a matter of fact. How awesome to see the look on his face. Thank God he really didn't have a coronary because he looked pretty close to it. And how about after all those years he still remembered what the muffler sounded like. "Oh they changed the muffler." LOL
  12. 15 years later and the dealer was only asking for $5,000.00 more? Getting it up to snuff again would take half that so heck yeah. That's a good deal!
  13. That is a great story and a beautiful car but the video itself was not included. Would love to have seen the look on the dad's face when he saw the car again.
  14. I did a quick search on Google Maps of the location on the post card and it appears that Woodbridge Ford does not exist. I would suggest a few things. As I mentioned to TAKerry start with known owners and work backwards if possible. A Mustang in a French town would certainly attract attention. What were the circumstances of the purchase? Is there a name on any document at all to get you started? How do you know the car came from this dealership?
  15. Not anywhere near cold! Have you Googled his name in the town where the insurance company was located? How did you obtain the car? The person that sold the car to you might be able to give you information on the person that sold the car to him. You can start to follow the line of ownership that way. Are there car clubs for your particular car? You can put a request in their newsletter and on their forum to see if anyone recognizes the car or one of the past owner's names.
  16. Research is a big part of my job as a broker and I have been involved with several projects where an owner has hired me to find the history of their cars. Cars built in the 50's and up are of course easier then prewar cars to find the past owners as there is a chance the past owners are still alive. I do check obituaries before making calls though. I am not worried about the cars being stolen as you mentioned. Just that perhaps you are making an insensitive call that could have been avoided. The car I am most proud of researching was a 1935 Lagonda M45 Rapide. Based on the onl
  17. jcrow thank you for that. I deal with a lot of prewar cars and each is different so what you told me about the V-16's is very helpful. Thanks and I will shoot you an email now.
  18. Thank you. There is also a V-16 survivor database that is an excellent resource for leads. That is actually where I found Rick LeForge's name.
  19. Google is certainly my friend. That is how I found his name. But it does not tell you if the information you are reading is current or unfortunately if the person you are seeking is still alive. I wonder where all the research material goes when historian passes away? He had an excel file of many of the V-16's.
  20. I have just started a search for a client that would like to purchase a V-16 (he is not particular about the model) that is either a complete project, an older restoration or never restored. I would be interested in anything anyone has to offer. On another note I have come across the name Rick LeForge several times as an authority on these cars but I can not find any contact information for him. Does anyone know anything about Mr. Leforge. Thanks so much. Kelly Dietrick duesdealer@gmail.com
  21. Absolutely agreed. I like to help the uninitiated of the car world when I can though. You just need patience and a sense of humor. The film is set in the 70's and the reason they asked for a four door is because they went to use the car to drive four people down a controlled length of road at most half a mile. So this would entail someone else driving your car. It is not a prop like it was when we did a music video. Which was by the way a success:) While the car drives down the road they will film the interior scenes and use a padded rig to do this. It fits over
  22. May I ask what the car is - just in case they could use it? They told me they were looking for a muscle car at first and I told them you won't find many four door muscle cars.
  23. Not selling but if you can lend your 70's car film makers will do video and photos for you. Please see the post in the General forum. Thanks!
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