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  1. Because I live in Minnesota, and need something to get me through the winter, as my current winter vehicle is on its death bed. I think I can get this truck for about $300 (it's up at auction... So won't know for sure) Plus, if/when the body falls appart, the I6 is a great engine, and I want a manual transmission in my Camino. It's more I'd do it because I'd already have it, than specifically looking for an engine/transmission. Plus... Look at it! It's a handsome looking truck n.n It kind of speaks to me... I'd rather kill it doing what it was built for, than seeing it get crushed and melted. What I really want to drop into my Camino is an Olds 350 Diesel. But those don't come around often,especially in working order. (I know all about their problems and such, I'm well informed on their faults) But I think the I6 should just slip in too, the tranny may take some fudging, but the three on the tree shifter would remove a lot of metal fabbing on the floor... That's what I was thinking, thanks for the confirmation. :3 I didn't know if it would be up on the dash or something goofy, since it has the shifter on the column.
  2. Woops, I edited my original post, thanks n.n Kay, I'll pull numbers when I look. Where would they be on the block? That's kind of what I thought on the intake... There are adapter plates between square and spread, aren't there? Or is it only the other way around? I haven't looked into this kind of thing in a while ^^; It will have to stay a single barrel then, at least until I potential transplant it into my '82 Camino. So, there's nothing I can do for its economy at the moment.
  3. Hello there, I am considering picking up a 1967 Chevrolet, I'm assuming it's a 2wd C10,but I won't know if it's a C or a K until I go look at it... I do know it has an I6,with a 3 on the tree manual transmission, and runs well. I have a few questions before I go look, and I might have a few afterwards... How can I tell the difference between the 250 and 292 I6 engines? Are there visible differences in the engine, or do I have to pull #s? I understand these trucks have awful aerodynamics, and thus I can only expect about 12mpg out of this truck. Does anyone know what gear ratio would be best to have in the back end for better fuel economy with this engine/tranny? I have a professionally rebuilt Quadrajet sitting on the 305 in my El Camino with a blown engine, will this bolt onto the I6,or would I need to replace the intake manifold? Would doing so yield any significant difference in economy/performance? I'm considering picking this up to be a daily driver until the body finishes falling apart, then sticking the drive train into my El Camino
  4. Yep... that did it... Now I feel like an idiot XD But, I'm so happy to have a running car again, it's not bugging me how much money I wasted on such a simple thing Actually had to get AWAY from the specialists... kept getting wild suggestions based on the peculiarities of the car, rather than common idiocy of the technician. Thanks a lot!
  5. ...... oh for god's sake..... XD I'll bet you that's exactly what's wrong... damnit... I'll go try that right now... If that does it, I'm putting you in for a Nobel prize...
  6. I've got an '86 Pontiac Fiero with a 2.5L 4cyl 5spd that has been just a nightmare for the last month and a half... I cannot figure out what is wrong with it... Might want to grab some snacks, this may be a long post... Initially, my ignition system crapped out. I was pulling into my garage, and there's a slight incline going in, well, I didn't have the throttle pressed enough, and stalled. Car wouldn't start again. Replaced my ICM, and the car ran hunky dory for about a week, before refusing to start again. A bunch of stuff happened between, but eventually I replaced my entire distributor, ignition coil, plugs, and wires. I set the timing, and my ignition system has been perfect since. But, sadly, it did not give me a running car. It starts, and idles smooth as it ever has every time I crank the key now. For a while there, I could hop in, start going down the road and it would accelerate fine through first, second, and third gear... then it would just stop going any faster when I hit 4th gear. I could never get my speed above 55. On my return trip from one of these little outings, I noticed my exhaust manifold was glowing a dull red... That ain't right... But whatever is wrong seems to be getting worse. My little outings always started out accelerating smoothly, now I'm getting a lot of misses unless I press the throttle hard. (Though, it might just be the hole I opened in the bottom of my converter to see if my exhaust system was blocked making more audible what I didn't notice before) While idling, if I lightly nudge the throttle, it starts to sputter, and will eventually die unless I a) release throttle back to idle or push the throttle more. So, I've checked my fuel pressure, it's at 13 which is exactly spec for my TBI vehicle. And replaced my fuel filter. I've run a compression test on all 4 cylinders, all of which are in excess of 130psi (not bad for nearly 200K miles) My sparkplugs are a healthy tan-ish color. At idle, my vacuum gauge shows 20. When I nudge the throttle, it drops to 13. Please, can anyone tell me what the heck is wrong with my car? T.T My diesel truck is eating me out of house and home to keep fueled to go back and forth to work every day. And the low gas prices are laughing at my loss of my 40mpg Fiero T.T
  7. Well... it has been helped... but it's not really resolved yet... Work on my car has kind of been shelved the last few months, having to get alot of work done on my house before winter. I really don't have any idea what to do with it at this point. The engine runs smoothly, and there's no other issues with it besides lack of power... Stripping it down to look at the timing hardware is alot of work, just to have a look, with no real indication that it's the problem. So, I think I'll just wind up leaving it until I have the free money to rebuild the engine. It's up on jackstands for the winter now, so it's not going to be getting any road tests until spring.
  8. Hello... I've been looking for a truck for awhile now... something big, and ugly enough I wouldn't feel bad about ever scrape on the paint I'd get... Something I could haul a car trailer with. And something Diesel... Prefereably with a manual, 4wd, and/or Duallies I've found a truck on craigslist that meets most of my requirements... and the price is certainly right at $1800. It's curiously rust-free for a Minnesota vehicle... Really wish it had a manual transmission though.... I've always wanted a diesel truck... And I know the basics of their opperations, but I don't really know what to look for in terms of actually buying one... I understand the fuel system is very important, as is the glow-plug system. (At least, it was on the Chevy engines of the era) So what should I be looking for? Also, I realize the turbo wasn't a stock item at the time... so if it truely has a turbo, it's aftermarket... is there any way that can be badly screwed up that I should be looking for? My researching on the internet turned up, that the engines are, overall, increadibly reliable, and regularly get 3-400K+ miles... They do have a potential for head-gasket issues though, which can be solved with some studs if it becomes a problem. Other than that, I didn't find any quirks about the engine. Though, I don't know much about the rest of the truck. As much as I make fun of Fords, their trucks are generally pretty tough as I understand.... Thanks!
  9. Well.... I may have exaggerated the stretch a bit It was only about half an inch when I actually sat down to repair it. I dunno Anywho, definitely a big step forward. Any idea why it doesn't have the go right off the bat? I'm guessing it's probably something to do with the carb, or the transmission rod... I've got a week of vacation now, so I'll do some tinkering...
  10. WHEEEEEEEE! That's fast! XD Okay, it still won't so much as chirp its tires. And right from a dead stop the car doesn't do much until it hits about 10-15mph... then its F*ing GONE XD 0-60 in about 10.7-ish.... the GPS had a hissy fit every time I tried to run it, as soon as I got above 10 miles per hour the whole thing went blank until about 50mph when it finally caught up. Woo man is that fun, lol. Sorry for backtracking to the secondaries... When I first bought it it wouldn't open by hand either, so I kinda asumed it meant they would physically open XD Not thinking the cable would be an issue... I also had to add a second spring to the throttle return... With the new shortened cable, it was sticking just a milimeter or two every time I released the throttle. Enough to rev up the engine considerably. Adding a second spring got rid of this issue handily though.
  11. Well, now I feel really So, I've had an idea for the last month or so of a test I should run... but never actually did.... well, today I ran out and fiddled around, and sure enough, I think I've got my problem. When I checked for my secondaries and switch pitch opperating, I did it by being under the hood and moving the throttle linkage. Today, I opened the hood, took the air cleaner off, and pressed down on the pedal as hard as I can... and it juuust nudges the secondaries open. My throttle cable appears to be too long. I double checked, and there is only one place for the cable to attatch to the side of the carb, unlike the transmission rod which had 2 points. However, my carb is not original to the Toronado.... It is still a 4mV from a 66 Oldsmobile, but it's not numbers matching.... I think it would still have the same connection point though, seeing as how it is essentially the same unit? If the connection point is the same, then my throttle cable has stretched. By about an inch it looks like. I looked underneath my pedal, and the little armature that pulls on the cable can be pushed forward, leaving about an inch of cable exposed before it presses against the firewall. I checked oReily's and RockAuto, and I cannot find a replacement cable... Furthermore, I don't know if my cable is stretched, or just plane the wrong size.... The end of the cable by the pedal is capped off with a little crush-on ferral. Can I simply crimp on another feral higher up? I sorted out some of the other issues as well... The winner on the hard starting issue appears to indeed have been vapor-lock, caused by an un-bled cooling system... Engine was getting too hot, and boiling off the gasoline in the lines... Having burped the cooling system, it starts pretty easily now when hot. Cold starts are also less of an issue, though there is definitely some choke-adjustment to be made to make it perfect. I re-tested my vacuum, and I gain another inch of mercury if I cap off my accessory line... So, I've got a slight leak somewhere in the massive array of vacuum hoses that is the '66 Toronado.... So that explains the slight lean condition chalking my spark plugs. That will take some sloothing to figure out exactly where it is coming from... I might get to it next week when I've got vacation. But I know how to do it, just gotta do it.
  12. Well, my fuel system does have a return line on it. When I sealed the tank I did make sure all the vents and lines were clear. Replaced the fuel sock and everything.... I also replaced my fuel pump. When I went to remove something, I broke off the brass fitting int he original one, and had to buy a new pump. I never replaced either line between the pump and the tank though. They are probably still 46 years old. I thought about getting some lengths of braided stainless, just because I like to overdo things. I also still have the factory fuel cap. Squeezing a rubber tube seems like a pretty easy thing to test though, so I'll give it a try in the next couple days. Do I have to worry about squeezing it too tightly?
  13. I dunno o.o I'm guessing so... I went to o'Reily's asked for plugs for my car... they offered me the generic ones, or ACDelco, and I went with the Delco... so they should be. I did upgrade my ignition system though, I'm running a Pertronix II pointless ignition, and a flamethrower coil... if it matters.
  14. Well, plugs look just about right, so I'm probably not running rich... That eliminates another question I had, as I re-sealed my fuel bowl plugs when I did my carb, and was worried they might be leaking again. But if I'm not running rich, that's probably not a problem.
  15. Well, I actually replaced my metal line with a length of braided stainless tubing... So it should be better insulated than the regular hard steel... i imagine.... My tailpipe doesn't emit any kind of smoke at all unless it's a bit cooler out, then I'll get a light white. I know previously I burned through one batch of plugs that turned a chalky white from a lean mixture... but that was before I had rebuilt my carb. I have not pulled my plugs since. I'll pop one or two out and take a look. My gas mileage appears to be fairly typical... Running about 12-13mpg mixed driving conditions.