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  1. While on a 5000 mile tour of the west, from Michigan, I found a neat car museum. The "Antique Car Museum of Iowa, in Coralville, IA, had a really nice collection and store. They had a poster on the wall of 3012 makes of auto in the past 50 years or more. Copyright 1963?? Printed in Fort Lauderdale, FL - A. Olstead. "Roll Call 3012 Makes of Autos in the Past 50yrs or More." Anyone know where I can find one, or one that has more. There were over 4000 makes in our illustrious automotive history. Thanks, Jim Thelander 810-689-6633 Michigan
  2. Spec sheets on heavy photo paper, semi-glossy 8.5 x 11" - EXECELLENT CONDITION See sample pictures $10 ea plus shipping. Or play let's make a deal on the entire batch. 1904B, 1905 C, 1907 D, F, G, S; 1908 D, F, G, S; 1909 16, 17'; 1910 - 7; 1910 "10", 10 with mother in law seat; 1910 with rear doors, 1910 w/o rear doors; 1910 7; 1910 F, 1910 -16, 1910 - 16, 1910 -17; 1910 "41"; 1911 - 21, 26, 27, 32, 33, 38, 39, 41; 1912 - 28, 29, 35, 36, 43; 1913 - 24, 25, 40; 1913 - 30, 31; 1914 - B24, B25, B36, B37, B38, B55; 1915 C 24, C25, C36, C37, C55. Please see pictures: I don't have any Bui
  3. You are right, the gentleman seated with a camera is labeled "Black and Decker". Thanks
  4. And to finish thanking you for the lead THANKS. Time does fly, I'm back in Michigan, for good and will call / visit the Sloan Museum. Jim T
  5. Hi Larry, I don't recall if I ever answered you. Time FLIES
  6. Drivers I'd in cars: Eddie Miller / EDDIE HEARNE, FRED FRAME, AUGIE DUSENBERG, LOUI STANECK, CARL KETCHNER / TOMMY MILTON, LYLE JOLLS / EDDIE O'DONNELL, ERNIE OLSON / JIMMIE MURPHY PICTURED IN A ROW ON THE "WOODEN" TRACK. 11 X 18 Original print very good condition, is slightly aged (slight tan) EXTREMELY RARE $200.00 Jim
  7. check ebay they had a brand new one in that time period listed and re-listed Jim
  8. Looking for anything on a 1911 Sampson 35. thanks, Jim Thelander 586 491 9643
  9. Hi, I'm looking for vol 27, no 27, I have an original cover, with my Sampson 1911. would like original or copies of anything else inside on the Sampson 35. thanks, Jim Thelander 586 491 9643
  10. I have an original front cover, with my 1911 Sampson on the cover. Would like get the complete magazine. There are probably more info on the Sampson behind the cover page!! I would greatly appreciate any leads. thanks, Jim Thelander 810 689 6633 or electrons48059@yahoo.com
  11. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Still looking for any info, parts, etc on the 1911 Sampson. It has an Atlas Engine, 4 cyl which has an aluminum crank case, and a rear mounted crankcase. Thanks, Jim 810-689 6633 Will send a pic next time.
  12. still for sale??? forgot about - we talked, jim thelander 540-972-3677
  13. Ron, thanks for the reply. I finally did track Dave down. He moved. We talked on Skype and also got the video working. I was looking for him for several years, until I got on this site. Thanks, again. Jim Thelander in Virginia USA
  14. Thanks for the reply. The tractors were made by GM in Janesville Wisconsin. They are spelled with out the "P". Sampson car were only made in 1911, in Detroit. I have the only one which is runnable, and restored. To my knowledge there are only 4 1/2. One in Texas, one in PA, 1 1/2 in Australia, but missing lots of parts. Thanks for the reply. If two were imported back to the US, i would very interested in seeing them. Thanks, Jim 586-972-3677
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