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  1. Anyone have a handle on when there will be a sale on Walt's ad collection? Or is there a sale going on now?? I'm looking for MICHIGAN made cars 1890 -1915 ads inclusive. Need about 200 more. Thanks for your help. Jim Thelander 1911 Sampson 1920 Dort 1927 Chevy
  2. While on a 5000 mile tour of the west, from Michigan, I found a neat car museum. The "Antique Car Museum of Iowa, in Coralville, IA, had a really nice collection and store. They had a poster on the wall of 3012 makes of auto in the past 50 years or more. Copyright 1963?? Printed in Fort Lauderdale, FL - A. Olstead. "Roll Call 3012 Makes of Autos in the Past 50yrs or More." Anyone know where I can find one, or one that has more. There were over 4000 makes in our illustrious automotive history. Thanks, Jim Thelander 810-689-6633 Michigan
  3. Spec sheets on heavy photo paper, semi-glossy 8.5 x 11" - EXECELLENT CONDITION See sample pictures $10 ea plus shipping. Or play let's make a deal on the entire batch. 1904B, 1905 C, 1907 D, F, G, S; 1908 D, F, G, S; 1909 16, 17'; 1910 - 7; 1910 "10", 10 with mother in law seat; 1910 with rear doors, 1910 w/o rear doors; 1910 7; 1910 F, 1910 -16, 1910 - 16, 1910 -17; 1910 "41"; 1911 - 21, 26, 27, 32, 33, 38, 39, 41; 1912 - 28, 29, 35, 36, 43; 1913 - 24, 25, 40; 1913 - 30, 31; 1914 - B24, B25, B36, B37, B38, B55; 1915 C 24, C25, C36, C37, C55. Please see pictures: I don't have any Buicks, but I know there are several Buick "nuts" out there. Jim 810-689-6633
  4. You are right, the gentleman seated with a camera is labeled "Black and Decker". Thanks
  5. And to finish thanking you for the lead THANKS. Time does fly, I'm back in Michigan, for good and will call / visit the Sloan Museum. Jim T
  6. Hi Larry, I don't recall if I ever answered you. Time FLIES
  7. Drivers I'd in cars: Eddie Miller / EDDIE HEARNE, FRED FRAME, AUGIE DUSENBERG, LOUI STANECK, CARL KETCHNER / TOMMY MILTON, LYLE JOLLS / EDDIE O'DONNELL, ERNIE OLSON / JIMMIE MURPHY PICTURED IN A ROW ON THE "WOODEN" TRACK. 11 X 18 Original print very good condition, is slightly aged (slight tan) EXTREMELY RARE $200.00 Jim
  8. check ebay they had a brand new one in that time period listed and re-listed Jim
  9. Looking for anything on a 1911 Sampson 35. thanks, Jim Thelander 586 491 9643
  10. Hi, I'm looking for vol 27, no 27, I have an original cover, with my Sampson 1911. would like original or copies of anything else inside on the Sampson 35. thanks, Jim Thelander 586 491 9643
  11. I have an original front cover, with my 1911 Sampson on the cover. Would like get the complete magazine. There are probably more info on the Sampson behind the cover page!! I would greatly appreciate any leads. thanks, Jim Thelander 810 689 6633 or electrons48059@yahoo.com
  12. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! Still looking for any info, parts, etc on the 1911 Sampson. It has an Atlas Engine, 4 cyl which has an aluminum crank case, and a rear mounted crankcase. Thanks, Jim 810-689 6633 Will send a pic next time.
  13. still for sale??? forgot about - we talked, jim thelander 540-972-3677
  14. Ron, thanks for the reply. I finally did track Dave down. He moved. We talked on Skype and also got the video working. I was looking for him for several years, until I got on this site. Thanks, again. Jim Thelander in Virginia USA