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  1. The car is a 1956 Super 2d-hardtop. Thanks for all the great advice. I will definately check into the modified class and in joining the Buick Club. The Valve covers etc I have checked into are polished aluminium which makes them much more pricey than the chromed versions from Edelbrock and co. But they are made for the V8 322 Nailhead of my Buick (4-bbl) without anything needing to be altered. So if I wouldn't like them anymore I could just take them back of and put the original covers back on. A lot to think about! Nicole
  2. Hi, Together with my hubby I am restoring my first classic car, a 1956 Buick Rivera. After a lot of reading on the different forum threads of the aaca club I am trying to decide where to go from here. I guess my question is will the end product of my efforts qualify as a show car or rather be just a hot rod? First the tires: my husband owns a 1956 Plymouth Belvedere with Bias Ply tires. I HATE how it rides. I could swear those tires are square the way they bump down the road especially when it is a cold day. So I decided I would prefer radials on my buick. They are cost more but I hope for a smoother ride and better handling. However from what I gather that would cost a lot of points at a show? Second the engine: I want to paint the engine compartment black and the engine itself in the correct buick green/blue (jury is out on what to call the color LOL). BUT I am not sure about the yellowish color of the carburator and therefor thought I'd like silver better and I also like the look of "dressed up engines". So I would like to add finned aluminium valve covers, spark plug covers and valey plate. I will keep the original oil bath breather and paint it black as it used to be. Let me guess that will cost me a lot more points? Third the rims: I have seen Buicks with red painted rims and wide white wall tires. I like that a lot. It is impossible to say wether the rims on my buick were red or black. Currently they are rust . Could this cost more points? Fourth the seat covers: I am not sure if I would be able to find the correct cloth type covers the car used to have. The seat covers are torn. I would like to replace them with custom made vinyl seat covers and black and white. I think vinyl would be more durable than cloth and I like the looks. The good news is black and white was the original interior color of the car. So how bad will the point loss for vinyl be? The car used to be Tahiti Coral - Dover White - Tahiti Coral and will be repainted in its original colors. It also had dual exhaust. The bumper with the dual exhaust is there but the exhaust tips are missing and from what I gather they are very hard to come by. So if I replace them with something that looks similar but is not original will that also cost me points? I know this is a very long post but I am absolutely new to car shows. Meaning I have never been to one. We are planning on going to Carlise, PA this spring, maybe that will shed some light on car shows for me . All help would be appreciated on this subject. What am I restoring here a car I can take to shows without embarrassing myself or will the end result be more of a Hot Rod? :confused: Thanks, Nicole
  3. Sorry, i just saw you needed the exhaust and not the bumpers. OOPPS. The seller has also the dual exhaust manifolds listed, so I guess he might have the whole thing for sale. Good luck. Nicole
  4. The bumper is still for sale. I found it on ebay. The picture shows J-hooks and exhaust tips but they are gone. So it's just the bumper that's for sale. Here is the link: 1956 BUICK SPECIAL CENTURY DUAL EXHAUST REAR BUMPER OEM - eBay (item 320665616316 end time Mar-09-11 16:02:35 PST)
  5. What 1954 Buick are the pieces from? Nicole
  6. Yes, the bumper is for a dual exhaust. The bumper of my 1956 Super Rivera has no exhaust cutouts at all. But the car has dual exhaust??? I have found the J-hooks not rusted through and somebody that can reproduce them as well. Waiting to hear what it will cost for the repro ones the used original pair is 175,- and needs of course replating. Nicole
  7. Hi Guys, Does the rear bumper of a 1956 Special fit the 1956 Super? If not what about the wrap around bumper guards on the rear, would they fit? Thanks, Nicole
  8. Thank you for the advice. I am currently looking at getting the parts I need from a parts car. If that doesn't work out I guess I have to use sheet metal. as far as the mig-welder goes I haven't been able to find the Lincoln 100. So I am looking into the Lincoln 140. I believe that might be what used to be the 100. Nicole
  9. Hello all, I am new to the list and have a 1956 Buick Super that I am currently :eek:some consequence with what I am searching. The Dynaflow not only leaks but gushes like "Old Faithful" as in it never fails to gush. I am searching for a newly rebuilt fitting Dynaflow. The engine is a 322 Nailhead 4 bbl. Does anyone have one to sell or know of any good shops that can and will for a non astronomical price rebuild my current one in Virginia if possible? Thanks, Nicole & Jason
  10. Hi, my name is Nicole and I am from Lexington Virginia. I am new to the world of classic cars but have always wanted a 1955-1957 Buick. Now I finally decided to go ahead and get me one to restore. This is going to be my very first project. The victim is a 1956 Buick Super 2-Door Hardtop 322 V8 4-Barrel (Nailhead). The engine runs smooth but it needs a fuel pump (found) and the Dynaflow transmission rebuild. The Dynaflow is not just a bit leaking but gushing somewhat like the Niagra Falls. Hoping to get by with replacing the torque ball seal but that is probably wishfull thinking and it will need to be rebuilt by a professional. It also needs some body work on the rocker panels and the front and rear lower quarter panels ( holes ). The good news is all the glass is looking good and most of the trim and chrome is there and in good shape with some pitting. The interior needs only some cosmetic work such as new seatcovers and carpet and a nicer steering wheel. So not such a bad project to start out with I think . I will have help from my husband who's got a 1956 Plymouth Belvedere 4-Door Sedan himself. I'm looking forward to meet everybody on here and will probably quite often pick your brains for information. Nicole
  11. Hi, I am on the lookout for some body panels for my 1956 Buick Super 2-Door Hardtop. I am pretty sure I have to replace the rocker panels but those are more easy to find. But I still need to find the front and rear lower quarter panels for both sides. Does anybody know who makes them or where I can find some that are in good shape. I would prefer new ones. Also which MIG-Welder do you prefer for auto body work? What brand and what size? I do know how to weld but haven't worked with a MIG-Welder before. Nicole
  12. Hi, I just found my dream 1956 Buick Super 2-Door Harttop, or at least one day it will be. Right now it still looks rather pitiful. It is impossible to determine what color it once was. The color code on the plate on the body reads NON. The Trim Number is listed as 532. Can anybody translate that for me? Nicole
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