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  1. art halfnights

    one cylinder engine

    Right she is still there. Can we get together when the weather gets better? Art
  2. art halfnights

    one cylinder engine

    Terry can we get together one day??? Art
  3. art halfnights

    one cylinder engine

    Thanks for the reply. Hope others will try. I will get this motor out soon and take more pictures. Regards Art Halfnights.
  4. art halfnights

    one cylinder engine

    :confused: I am the owner and aqsked West for info. I will try and get more pictures. Someone asked size. total height, 20in. cyl 10in high about 41/2 in dia. push rod 10in long. flywheel drum 8in in dia. The rocker arm cover is totaly inclosed, top cover held on with screws, and greased from the outside, fittings. Shifter lever just goes forward and back to center. The pictures of the spark plugs are interesting and look very old. there are two holes in the head about 3/8 in fine thread. The engine is seized, and I havent fished around inside the plug holes but note 2 wires coming from flywheel aswell as the two spark plug holes.= two cyl?? regards Art
  5. art halfnights

    one cylinder engine

    This engine has mounting ?? both faces of the block, at bottom. the ign, is in the large round part that is missing some of the casting. The only markings on any part of this engine is there, with eisman printed on the points. The finned head has 2- 3/8? holes for 2 spark plugs. The push rod cover is brass with some knurling. The motor is seize at the moment. The shift lever, just goes forward one place and back. Regards Art.
  6. art halfnights

    . PU box from Texas to Bakersfield.

    I need a Model A PU box new, delivered to Bakersfield swap meet. Regards Art Halfnights Maple Ridge B.C Canada