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  1. I have been off this board for a while but thought I should chime in and say that I got the lense off and replaced the bad bulb. There is 4 screws that go thru the"lense" and screw into the tail light "assembly." After removing the 4 screws I had about 4 small screwdrivers and when I was able gently lossen one corner from the gasket I stuck a screwdriver in to hold it. Worked on the other side and was able to slip a small screwdriver between the rubber surrond and the lense. Shot some wd40 around the whole thing and slowly was able to break the lense free from that gasket. I worked it out past the rubber surrond and without breaking the lense was able to have access to the bulds. I read the other posts about removing the bumper and that looks to be nessary to remove the "assembly" which would be needed if the sockets were bad and needed to be placed. I only had one bad bulb but after all the work to get in there I replaced all three. Thanks for all help, Rick
  2. I am in Wellington, Colorado. I was just looking at this again and I can put my hand behind the bumper by sticking it through the plate pull down to the gas cap. I can feel the one nut on that side put to get to the other it looks like it needs to be up on a lift. I will take it back to the muffler shop and get it up in the air to see what is going on. It has other little promblems as in heater blows but no heat etc. I think I need a shop manual!
  3. I just got the Skylark back from the muffler shop, they reminded me that it has a bad bulb in the back. I told them just to replace it. Nope they either forgot OR could not figure out how to do it. Pull the rear bumper to change a bulb seems extreme. There is 4 screws holding on that lens so mabe wd40 and more prying? Anyone have 72 Skylark that would know for sure?
  4. Thanks John, I took out those 4 screws that are in plain site BUT will take a closer look tomorrow. They must be underneath or well hidden.
  5. Hello, I know this is a stupid question but will ask anyway. I just bought a 1972 Skylark that has been sitting for many years. I got it running and it runs good. It has a bad tail light bulb so no problem, I grab a 1157 bulb and pop the trunk to put it in. I notice there is no socket that is accessable in the trunk rear panel like other cars. I look at the outer lense and see four screws, no problem I will just remove those screws and remove the lense and the bulb will be right there. I take those four screws out and that lense will barely move, Grab a small flat blade screw drive to pry it loose. That lense will not come free and I do not want to brake it. What am I missing to get to that bulb? This car has sat in the New Mexico desert for about 10 years and everything needed lots of lube as in doors, hood just to open. What is the correct way to get to those rear bulbs? Thanks for all help