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  1. Thanks for the pictures! They were really helpfull!!
  2. That would be great! Yes I still need a picture.
  3. Can someone with a '41 Olds or a '40 Olds make a picture of the lock of the rear bootlid? I had mine galvanized but a part has dissapeared in the acid so I don't know how it properly works. To be clear: The lock from the inside of the bootlid. It has somekind of sliding mechanism to close the boot.
  4. Does somebody know where I can buy the following sticker or what it was saying originally. I can reproduce them if necessary but I have to know what the text was. It says something about refilling the Hydra-Matic transmission.... But what.
  5. No thanks I don't think we will need the Oil Filter. But can you make a picture of the dust shield for the shock absorbers? And where can I get this rubber?
  6. Ah okay. Thanks man! And I have another question maybe does someone know what I mean: On the inner fender sides (where it seals with the Fender itself) there are little staples. I think there has been a rubber strip attached to this so it would seal with the fender and also prevent vibration. Can anyone verify this? And can someone tell me which rubber to use again? It was also on the top of the grille but without staples. I will make a picture so I can show what I mean. The staples are also on the heater (there was rubber on there to, to seal of with the upper cowling.)
  7. Can someone help me with this question. On some part websites I see an Oil Filter Element for sale and it's for 1937 - 1946. I can't find an Oil Filter on our engine? Can someone explain this?
  8. The tail light housing. I need two of them without cracks!!! The chrome isn't a problem because everything will be rechromed
  9. Here are the pictures of the parts I talked about before The rubber for the cowling.
  10. And how do you attach these blowers? Do they fit on to the car or the dashboard? And how is it attached?
  11. We also need the plexiglass cover for the glove box clock. I will include a picture. It's the plexiglass plate with the numbers carved into it and coloured white.
  12. Dear people, I am Jesper Tichelaar and have some questions about the 1941 Oldsmobile which we are currently restoring. First of all we need the following parts and can't find them: - Rubber for the cowl handel ( I will post a picture later on) - Retaining clips for mounting the chrome plate on the dashboard - A manually operated antenna (only need the antenna) - The ''hood release'' button - 8.00 x 15 White Wall tires (good ones, original Firestone prevered) - The housing for the tail lights (I think it's poured aluminium) Please can someone help me finding this parts...? Jesper Tichelaar
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