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  1. Roadster/Roadster PU/Phaeton vacuum wiper motor. This is a new never installed unit. Still have to go through them. Works great and snaps back and forth with minimal vacuum. This would need to be plated for the deluxe vehicles or some just buff the pot metal. This is one the units that came unpainted. $215 USA shipping included. This wiper is the metallic one show. The other is a rebuilt unit that was only used on the Roadster Pickups(TR-01C was the original number)) and has the fitting on the opposite side. $205. email grj@2020comm.net
  2. The roadster pickup uses a distinct vacuum wiper that has the inlet on the opposite side of the roadster and phaeton. To use the 'roadster' wiper it would have to be mounted upside down. This is the second generation wiper that came after the one with the two screws in the cover. That wiper was made with a poor quality pot metal and was prone to deteriorate with age. Wiper has been rebuilt and functions as it should. Price includes shipping in the USA. Please email direct to grj@2020comm.net
  3. The wiper has been taken apart and checked for flaws, cracks, pops or chips. It then was rebuilt and tested periodically for function. Works great with minimal vacuum. $200 ppd Please email to grj@2020comm.net
  4. The wiper has been taken apart and checked for flaws, cracks, pops or chips. It then was rebuilt and tested periodically for function. Works great with minimal vacuum. Fits Chevrolet and others. Trico KSB 163 vacuum wiper motor that was used as original equipment on the 1929 - 1931 vehicles. 1 3/4" shaft length. Fits 1930-1932 Chevrolet trucks, 1934/1935 GMC truck. Replacement on American Bantom, 1938-1940; Buick 1931-1932, 1934-1935; Chevrolet 1931 - 1933, 1935; Chrysler 1934, 1935,1937; Desoto 1935-1936; Dodge 1933; Essex 1929-1931; Ford 1935-1936, Graham 1930-1932; Hudson 1929-1931; Hupmobile 1931; LaSalle 1929,1930; Lincoln 1935, 1936; Marquette 1930; Nash 1929-1932; Oakland 1930; Oldsmobile 1929-1932; Overland 1939; Packard 1933-1934; Pontiac 1932-1933; Wyllis 1931, 1933, 1938-1941; Wyllis-Knight 1929 -1930. Email directly to grj@2020comm.net $130 shipped.
  5. Rebuilt windshield wipers for Model A Ford closed vehicles. Standard closed cars $145 ppd. Roadster/Phaeton/Roadster PU, $215 ppd; SW fordor, Victoria, $215 ppd. These all have been checked for flaws, rebuilt and tested for function. Please email to grj@2020comm.net Pictures on request.
  6. Left over Nickel and Chrome plated slotted machine screws from Model A screw kits. Thanks. grj@2020comm.net
  7. Thanks for the tip! But, I am one of those oddballs that are looking for the real thing! G
  8. Anybody out there have any left over slotted nickel and chrome plated screws they would like to get rid of? Nickel: 6 x 32 x 3/8 " 12 x 24 x 1/2" # 10 oval head 12 x 24 x 3/4" wood screw #6 head 10-32 oval head #12 hd Chrome: 8 x 32 x 7/16" rd hd 10 x 32 x 11/16" rd hd 8-32 x 5/8" oval hd Thanks. Gary grj@2020comm.net
  9. I have a beautiful front fender. Not sure of the side and if the 1930 and 1931's are the same or it is 29/30 that are. It is back in MI. Gary
  10. 100% Original tire pump used on 1935 & 1936 Ford vehicles. 1 1/2" diameter barrel. Hose end and clips are original. The hose is nice but a seam has been added. Overall height is 16". The is the real thing and extremely hare do find!!! Not many of these around. $135 shipped USA Email direct to grj@2020comm.net
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