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  1. He everyone I need help in identifing these parts. I think they are for a Dodge or Ply. I found them in a old Dodge dealers attic. Thanks Paul
  2. Thanks guys for the replys I have found a new second gear on e-bay. Gear was made in USA also the guy had a synonizer so I am good now just need to get it out and fix it. Paul test
  3. Thanks danhar1960 I have looked at the e-bay site and will order part tomorrow. I would like to find the synro. also. I will send them a e-mail and see if they have one. Thanks for your reply
  4. I am looking for a 2nd gear and a synonizer for a 39 buick 41 series trans. I would like to have new if possible. My trans jumps out of 2nd gear and I would like to have the parts to fix it when I take it out. Thanks in advance for any information regarding these parts. Paul
  5. Thanks for the replys. What is Bobs website and is it a light or dark gray? Paul
  6. I am trying to get the correct color engine paint for my 39. Does anyone know the correct color? Thanks Pauyl
  7. Thank you very much I will try that tomorrow afternoon. I didn't know about the floor pan and trans cover. Paul
  8. Thanks Bill I will check out the cable tomorrow and let you know what I find. Thanks Paul
  9. Thanks for the reply. I hope there is no broken teeth. Paul
  10. Thanks for the posts. Where is the torque ball you are speaking of? Does anyone have a trans repair manual? Paul
  11. It jumps out when I accelerate.
  12. Thanks but the clutch seems to be adjusted right it jumps out when you accelerate/
  13. I have a 39 Buick 4 dr with 39000 miles and it jumps out of second gear. I checked the linkage and the mounts and they look fine. Has anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? Does anyone have a trans breakdown that could send me a copy? Thanks in advance Paul
  14. Thanks guys I checked everthing you said to check and everything seems to be in working order. Does anyone have any ideas what be wrong? The car only has 39000 miles and runs super other than the trans jumping out of second gear. Paul
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