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  1. none really. Just couldn't let her get smushed She's for sale if anyone's interested
  2. hey all i just saved this big girl from the crusher today, shes got a big Ol Detroit under that hood and i was told she ran when parked some 30 years ago. can anyone give me some info on her?
  3. I've got some. Email me 1953powerwsgon@gmail.com
  4. id take it if you haven't thrown it away yet. mike 1953powerwagon@gmail.com
  5. ok so i have a 56 dodge power wagon, the fuel pump took a dump on me the other day and after looking at it i realized it is not the same as the pumps on my other dodges. so i looked at the numbers on the engine and they read P25-2070I5 a plymouth....... so my question is can i buy a rebuild kit for this fuel pump or do i need to buy a whole new pump? from my research i found that this engine is a 218 from 1954. any help is greatly appreciated i need to get the old girl running ASAP
  6. hey ive bought all my carb kits from "MikesCarburators.com" the site is kinda hard to use sometimes so its almost easier to just email him a pic of what you have and he can send you the right kit. i have had really good luck with them and their kits. good quality stuff.
  7. So there is a farm auction this weekend and the guy has a bunch of model a and t body's doors fenders running boards Ect jus curious how much I can throw at them and still make a buck or two reselling them to someone who will restore them. Can anyone give me a ballpark on what some of these parts are worth in decent shape. What's more desire able or hard to come by? I'm not really a ford guy but I just can't watch this stuff get sold for scrap it kills me
  8. hey all there is an upcoming auction this weekend and whats left of this old hup is going to be in the sale. as there is really nothing left but the front clip im sure it will sell for scrap. i m going to try my best to save her but can anyone tell me what year it could. i know all i have is a pic of the radiatior emblem but i know how good you guys are at this so.... .
  9. ok quick question. did these trucks have a steel floor in them factory or did someone weld this in at some point? i thought they came with wood floors.
  10. Yikes that's what I was afraid of. There's no way I could pay that much for what I'm going to use it for. If I was restoring a truck I would be all over those parts but I'm just making a yard trailer. Thanks for the pics and the info tho!!!!
  11. The rim on the other side is a 17 as well but they drilled it out to fit the bolt pattern on the axle not sure what make it is. I would really like to find some fenders for it too but I suppose I would have to pay dearly for them as I would a rim an cap as well. Ohwellnit will make a BA trailer for the yard. It fits in with all my power wagons
  12. i recently aquired an early 30s dodge pickup box trailer. im building the trailer a new frame but im leaving the old dodge front axle under it so i can keep the old wire rims. only problem is i only have one original rim and hub cap. can anyone help me out with a rim and a cap that are not show quality. im just wanting to make a cool looking trailer to pull behind my 4 wheeler in the yard. no the box is pretty hammered so dont get your panties in a bunch about making it into a trailer, at least im not scraping it right. hahaha
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