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  1. Hey Joe - Yes, I do understand. I need them for reference. One of my is damaged...and one looks good at this point. Please send them along. Best, Tom.
  2. Hey Joe You're a life saver!! They're exactly what I'm looking for. Please send them to me...and I"ll send you money...let me know how much to who and where. My address is: LAZARUS 1710 VIRGINIA ROAD LOS ANGELES CA 90019
  3. The two fitting that connect the tubing from the oil filter into the block. I need two as well as an oil filter and all hardware. Can anyone help me.
  4. for my 48 Traveler Spitfire engine. These are the fittings that attach the lines from the oil filter into the block. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.
  5. The pix helped me immensely. After being able to finally see how the locking mechanism is configured in your photos, I finally was able to unfreeze my locking system and get my latch and lock working as they should. Thanks so much for the help. Best, Tom.
  6. Saw the pix you uploaded a while back. They're great. And helpful. Thanks. Tom.
  7. It sounds like your talking about the latch not the lock, but I'd love to see it. Thanks a lot. Tom.
  8. Thanks for the quick response and pic. I saw a pic of your car...very cool. How's the interior? Thanks again.
  9. I"m looking for original kick plates that go on the rubber mats in the doorways of the back doors. Can you help me? Thanks. Tom.
  10. I'm looking to repair my hood lock and am looking for a photo or diagram of how it should look. Thanks.
  11. I'm trying to repair my hood lock system and would like to find a photo or diagram of what the hood lock and latch system should look like. Thanks.
  12. I just purchased as '48 Traveler. It's pristine, original and hasn't run for a number of years. IT appears to me that the Fluid drive hose that attaches to the fixture between the engine and the radiator and has been sealed off. It appears to me that they've disengaged the 'fluid' part of the Fluid Drive and were running the vehicle that way. Is that possible? What are the dangers? How do I lubricate for that? Anyone help me with this? Thanks for your time. Tom.
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