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  1. The ONLY BOX that is being advertised is the R43N for $125.00 ....The rest of those AC numbers are just there to show what i have. I know that most of the numbers up there are still in production...!!!
  2. Now on EBAY starting bid $50.00 NOS AC R43N Chevrolet Corvette Spark Plugs 396 / 427 - eBay (item 280626085492 end time Feb-12-11 17:01:49 PST)
  3. I have 6 boxes...$125 a box and shipping. I also have AC R43S AC R44N AC R43 AC 43N AC 46 AC CR43 AC R44TX AC R42T AC CR44N AC R42TS AC 83TS AC 85TS AC 84T AC R84TS AC R45SX AC 45L AC 45FFS I have a couple more but not many more AC Also have NOS Champion
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