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  1. Do you have the inspection plate for over the battery? Thanks!
  2. Looking for the metal sign sold each year at the Hershey meet. Need the one from 2009. Have an extra 2003 to trade if that helps. Thanks!
  3. Like the title says....for a coupe. Post any leads you have. Thanks!
  4. The Standard Catalog of Pontiac sys the Chassis tag for a 26 Pontiac is on the rear cross member. I can't locate it. Anyone have any more specific direction? Thanks!
  5. GM still has the first Pontiac in the historical collection. I've seen it at a couple of POCI conventions and even helped push it into the display area in Red Wing in 2001 I believe
  6. Looking for a headpipe and tailpipe for a 54 Chieftain 2 door. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a headpipe and tailpipe for a 54 Chieftain 2 door. Thanks!
  8. Here's mine - 29 coupe, 37 4 door touring sedan 34K original, 48 Conv, 54 Chieftian - daily driver
  9. Wanted: For 1929 Pontiac Coupe Trunk handle Inside Door handles Correct carb (Marvel 10-721) Plate over battery Charlie Huntington - 207-563-5824
  10. I have a 1929 Pontiac Coupe that I recently purchased, picked it up during my annual trip to Hershey this year. I'm trying to sort out the carb on it. Right now the hand throttle cable is unhooked and I don't see how it hooks up. If anyone could send me a good close up of the linkage I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance!
  11. NOS Fenders These are all rears. $250 ea plus shipping 1941 26/28 series - left 1941 29 series right 1937 #500481 left 1942-1947 25 series - left Charlie Huntington - 207-563-5824